Thursday, June 30, 2011

Arrival is near...

We have an arrival date for Sven (not his real name) - he will be here August 1.  That is ten days earlier than originally expected. We are all excited, but I am a little nervous.  What if he doesn't like us? Thinks we're weird (ok, that might be a given)?  Hates our rules and wants a new family? 

I have a whole list of things to do before he gets here - finish up his room (ie:  do everything to it that we've meant to do while Sous Chef has been in the room), get kids relocated to their new rooms, do some other repairs on the house, spruce things up.  I feel like we are getting ready to put our house on the market.  And in a way we are.  We are trying to "sell" it to our newest family member.

Family member.  I think my biggest struggle will be trying not to treat this new person in our home as a guest.  Of course, we will do that for a few days or so while he gets settled, but at some point, he will have to take on chores and responsibilities just like our other kids.  You know when you have a "guest" cleaning toilets and bathrooms like the other three boys, they are no longer a "guest" and are officially family, right?  These bathrooms get dirty pretty quickly, so he may feel like family faster than I, or he, imagines.


  1. Oh, it's going to be exciting when your "guest" arrives! Happy day!

  2. I'm sure everything is fine! you have 3 boys to make him comfortable!! I'm sure your family will have a wonderful year!

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