Friday, February 18, 2011

I always forget how much grooming is involved prior to visiting the gyno

I was running late the other day.  I was in the shower trying to hurry when I realized, "Damn, I better shave my armpits.  And my legs."  You see, in the winter, I don't do this on a daily basis, especially if I am running late.  Then I realized, I better groom things a little "down there" too.  I was going for my annual exam with the gynecologist.  If you're like me, you don't want any of those pesky pubic hairs being "ungroomed" in any way for fear they might get caught in the speculum or some other god forsaken medical device and rip out a hair or two.  Ouch!  This really isn't an issue if my appointments were ever in the summer time, but my annual exams always fall in the middle of winter.

So there you have it.  Way too much TMI.


  1. one time I asked my gyn how he felt about pubic hair. He said that he is always weirded out when someone is freshly shaved or waxed because he feels like she did it for him!

    also, like most docs, he is PRO-hair because it supposedly serves some sort of purpose or something. I forget what he said.

  2. also, I'm with you. Nothing worse than getting a hair yanked by the speculum!

  3. Gyno visits always make me think of a letter I read in Parenting about a mom who was "grooming" for her Gyno visit and happened to pick up and use a washcloth her daughter had used... with glitter on it. LOL.

    How ya been? Guess i better read and get caught up, hunh?

    I'm leaving the lovely town of Overland Park for Boston this summer. Last one out turn off the lights.