Monday, January 24, 2011


You know I am always trying some new hair product or another.  You also know I like to write about it.

My hair drives me batty sometimes.  It's wavy, it's curly and it's frizzy if I don't do anything to it - blow dry only and my hair looks like a big puff of cotton candy, air dry and it's curls in some areas, waves in others and frizz all over.  Get me a good round brush and some kind of iron, and I can get it under control fairly easily, but it's still a pain and god forbid, it get damp in a rain shower or it's humid outside, because I am doomed.

I kept looking at this product at Ulta called Liquid Keratin.  The initial kit was $69.00.  I kept mulling it over but never bought it.  Then I started hearing and seeing stuff about the Brazilian Blowout, which is nothing like a Brazilian bikini wax, in case you are wondering.  Then I started looking at other salon smoothing treatments.  Basically, I didn't want to pay 100's of dollars every 3-6 months.  If I do that, I won't be able to afford the Botox I hope to get this year.

So I finally broke down and bought the Liquid Keratin kit.  Really, what could it hurt?  Well, after I started thinking about that, I had all kinds of crazy thoughts - it could fry my hair and it would all break off, I could go bald, I could have a horrible reaction and break out all over my scalp and neck.  The list went on.  But I am brave and adventurous when it comes to my hair.  It's just hair and it grows back. At least it always has.

I used the product as directed.  I love it.  My hair is definitely not straight, which is fine, I wasn't going for straight.  I was going for smooth.  And I got it - at least about 80-90% smoother than before.  And it says I can still wear it curly if I want.  We'll have to see about that - once the heat and humidity set in.  I am using the shampoo and conditioner that go with the treatment and I will be doing the treatment again when it's time (6 weeks-ish).  I definitely will saturate my hair more the next time since I went a little light the first time.  And no, I was not paid to say this.


  1. Does it make your hair flat and limp though? My hair has gotten so thin (thank you, menopause) and when I use any sort of straigthening cremes etc it just become a flat limp mess...

  2. hey - I am so glad you posted this - I saw this last year ans wanted to try it - but was scared like you - that all my hair would fall out - well fall out even more than it does (issues with thyroid). I do not have any curl left - just all frizz at this point! I did straighten with OTC stuff and it actually worked - BUT TONS of my hair broke off - it stinks! I'm totally going to try this now though! (I'm sure with my luck all my hair will fall out though)