Monday, January 24, 2011


You know I am always trying some new hair product or another.  You also know I like to write about it.

My hair drives me batty sometimes.  It's wavy, it's curly and it's frizzy if I don't do anything to it - blow dry only and my hair looks like a big puff of cotton candy, air dry and it's curls in some areas, waves in others and frizz all over.  Get me a good round brush and some kind of iron, and I can get it under control fairly easily, but it's still a pain and god forbid, it get damp in a rain shower or it's humid outside, because I am doomed.

I kept looking at this product at Ulta called Liquid Keratin.  The initial kit was $69.00.  I kept mulling it over but never bought it.  Then I started hearing and seeing stuff about the Brazilian Blowout, which is nothing like a Brazilian bikini wax, in case you are wondering.  Then I started looking at other salon smoothing treatments.  Basically, I didn't want to pay 100's of dollars every 3-6 months.  If I do that, I won't be able to afford the Botox I hope to get this year.

So I finally broke down and bought the Liquid Keratin kit.  Really, what could it hurt?  Well, after I started thinking about that, I had all kinds of crazy thoughts - it could fry my hair and it would all break off, I could go bald, I could have a horrible reaction and break out all over my scalp and neck.  The list went on.  But I am brave and adventurous when it comes to my hair.  It's just hair and it grows back. At least it always has.

I used the product as directed.  I love it.  My hair is definitely not straight, which is fine, I wasn't going for straight.  I was going for smooth.  And I got it - at least about 80-90% smoother than before.  And it says I can still wear it curly if I want.  We'll have to see about that - once the heat and humidity set in.  I am using the shampoo and conditioner that go with the treatment and I will be doing the treatment again when it's time (6 weeks-ish).  I definitely will saturate my hair more the next time since I went a little light the first time.  And no, I was not paid to say this.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another boy makes SIX!

Our family is growing.  We are so excited.  Come August, we will have FOUR boys in our home, not including MG or Ace, the cat.  Have you fallen on the floor yet in shock?  Well, get your rear back into your chair, because I am NOT expecting a baby.  In fact, boy #6 is a teenager.  If all goes well, we will be hosting a foreign exchange student for the 2011-2012 school year.  We are in the process of filing the paperwork (which is equivalent to, or more cumbersome than, applying to college!), getting background checks (we have to pass a State Department clearance), collecting references, etc.  All of this needs to be done very quickly because our school district has a cutoff date of April 15.  We will get to review profiles and choose a student who hopefully will fit well into our loud and chaotic family.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Any of you readers who have any tips, suggestions, advice for being a host family, please feel free to leave your info in the comments section!  We can use all the help we can get.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hopefully this is not a sign of how 2011 will go.

I spent some time on New Year's Day in the urgent care.  Take a look at the picture below and you'll understand why.
As it turns out, I apparently scratched my eye and broke some blood my sleep.  I went to bed on Wednesday, Jan. 30 with no issues.  I woke up on New Year's Eve with a red spot, but it was contained in a small area.  I woke up on NYD and it looked like most of the blood vessels in my eye exploded.  A week of antibiotics to prevent infection and then a few more days of healing and I am all better.