Monday, November 29, 2010

I was not compensated for this post (but I wish I did!).

I am a hair product whore.  I don't think there is a hair product I haven't tried - curly hair, defrizzers, straightening balms, conditioners, shampoos.  My favorite product is Moroccan Hair Oil.  If you don't have it, you need it.  Do not be fooled by cheap imitations.  Do buy online for it is much cheaper and you can buy larger bottles than what you can get at the hair salon.  I have used a variety of hair barettes, head bands, pony tail holders, French twist contraptions and clips.  I have also tried a variety of blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons. 

Have you seen the InStyler?
I have seen the infommercial many times.  I always thought it looked like a magical product but I was not going to be fooled by their professional hairstylists working their magic on poor, frizzy headed girls.  I have fallen victim too many times.

Then I started seeing this item at my local Ulta.  I still was not going to be lured into this magic wand for hair.  Not for $99.  No sir. Not me.  No way in hell.

Then I got a coupon for 20% off one item.  And.I.caved.  When purchasing, I asked questions.  "What do you know about this?"  "Can I bring it back if I don't like it?"  I left with my purchase, cautiously optimistic that I had found my dream appliance.

I used it once.  Then I used it again.  And again.  People, I can tell you, I am in LOVE with this amazing piece of technology.  Don't get me wrong, for straightening, I don't think I will ever give up my Chi.  But for reducing frizz and adding bounce and waves and curls, this is the bomb.  It does what my hairstylist can do with just a blowout.  But I can't flip and twist and move my hairbrush and hairdryer like my hairstylist and I end up with something in between polished and unkept.  Not a good look.

So, to prove my point, I am going to show you before and after pictures.  Let me warn you ahead of time, the before pictures are.not.pretty.  And if it wasn't so important for me to share my happiness about this magic wand, I wouldn't sacrifice my dignity or your vision to show these pictures.  But it must be done.  You have been warned.
Towel dried hair.  You didn't really think I'd give you a full on view of my before picture, did you?

Hair blown dry.  No round brush used.  No make up.  Hence the "marked out" face. 
After the Instyler.

To be fair, I did roundbrush my hair some prior to using the InStyler.  But I have also used the InStyler without round brushing first.  The results are the same, it just takes a little longer because I have to go a little slower with the iron and sometimes have to go over my hair twice. 

So there you have it.  My uncompensated review of the InStyler.  Now, if you have hair issues, go out and get yourself one of these things.  You will not be disappointed.


  1. Every time I'm at ULTA or in the health and beauty area at Target, I stand and admire the InStyler. One of these days... :)

  2. I always love reading your hair product reviews! I've jumped on the whole 'no shampoo' bandwagon a few weeks ago in hopes that my hair's natural oils would seep down to my dry ends--I'm kind of digging it so far.

  3. you are BEAUTIFUL and I have soooo wondered about the girls want it! stopping by with a sss post update please stop by =)

  4. Not for $99. No sir. Not me. No way in hell. But if they'd like to send me one, I'd gladly try it out.

  5. Wow- amazing results!!! I just got a straightener and I like it for the most part...but if it breaks, I'd consider this one!

  6. I am always so fascinated when you do these posts! Santa brought me a BaByliss flat iron, and I am re-determined to grow up and do my hair. You're inspiring!

  7. You look awesome! I've seen this thing too, and wonder if it's worth it. YES!!

    And I've always wondered about the hair oil too! Thanks!

  8. Hey, stranger!!! Funny ~ my mom left me her instyler, since I think she bought hers off of tv, so I think she got another one for "free"...I haven't used it much though.

    You are looking lovely as ever!!!

    Happy 2011!!!!

    Suburbia Steph

  9. Gorgeous dahhhling. Hmmm... do you think it would work on my stick straight hair? I'm intrigued...