Monday, November 22, 2010

Don't make me choose.

A little over a year ago, I found a kitten.  He was cute, cuddly and almost immediately was given a name.  It appeared Ace would be staying.  The hitch in this plan is that my husband is allergic to cats.  We tried all kinds of homeopathic remedies.  Allergy meds and inhalers pretty much took care of the issue, but my husband has been insistent he doesn't want to be on meds "for the rest of his life."  I am not sure if he means his own life or Ace's, but every time he utters these words, I panic.  I don't think I can get rid of Ace.  And before anyone thinks, "What a selfish bitch, choosing her cat over her husband," let me tell you, I came up with a decent compromise.  My husband can get his own apartment and me and the kids and the cat will stay in our home.  The kids and I can visit MG at his cat free apartment.  Ok, ok.  I would not choose the cat over MG, but it would not be easy for me to say so long to little Ace. 
Ace as a kitten. 
Ace grown up.

And as hard as it would be for me, my kids would suffer terribly.  I tried explaining this to MG.  "Can you imagine how Sous Chef would react?  There's not a day that goes by that he doesn't hug and kiss on that cat and tell him he loves him and how happy he is he lives with us."  CJ is the same.  And so is Big E.  Not to mention me.  To be honest with you, MG loves on the cat as much as the rest of us.  He just does it with a little more distance and a quick follow up to wash his hands and face.

MG recently went to the doctor to get refills on his meds, talk about allergy shots, etc.  On that very day, CJ comes home with this "Thankful" packet he worked on at school.  These are the pages that were in there.
This says, "I am most thankful for mom because she found Ace." 
This one says, "Dear Mom, thank you for finding Ace.  I love you!" 
This one says, "I am thankful for Ace because he's cute."  I corrected the spelling for cute, which CJ spelled "ceut.

Man, that kid has good timing.


  1. I adore the notes your wee one wrote how dear! <3

  2. I needed those notes when my husband demanded the dogs be kept outside! It's been several years now and I still miss having my furbabies at my feet but I do have to admit I don't miss cleaning up dog hair--just don't tell my hubby!

  3. Ace is so adorable & I'm glad you fought to keep him! When I was young I was so afraid I'd find the man of my dreams but he'd be allergic and then I'd have to give up my cats.
    Well, I didn't find the man of my dreams - but I did find a husband! :) and he loves cats & is not allergic. Yeah.
    PS, thanks for visiting my blog.