Thursday, November 11, 2010

Did you thank a Veteran today?

Sous Chef's school today put on an awesome Veteran's Day program.  It's done by the 5th graders (all 850 of them) and the 5th grade teachers have been doing this for four years.  Big E also was a part of this program three years ago.  It has changed some over the last three years and today's program was quite a bit different.

The kids are encouraged to invite a veteran to the program.  Sous Chef invited my dad.  The kids in his homeroom who invited a veteran also wrote a poem and got to get up in front of the class with their veteran to read their poem.  Here is his poem:


The Army
Going around the land
Protecting our cities
And our freedom.

Going into enemy territory
To secure us
From being hurt
And being captured.

The Navy
The ocean is their home
Submarines and boats they drive
Ready to defend
Us Americans.

Scouting the waters
Helping to keep
The ocean a
Safer place.

The Air Force
Patrolling the sky
Making it a safer place
For everyone
And everything.

My godfather's home
In the Armed Forces
May he be well
In his duties.

They all become our veterans
Rembered for protecting
Our rights and freedoms
They will be remembered
By us all.

I had not read or heard the poem ahead of time.  My dad really liked it.  And I was pleasantly surprised to see that second to last paragraph.  My BFF, Sous Chef's godmother, is married to an officer in the Air Force and a long time friend of my husband (and me).  I was proud to see that Sous Chef didn't forget the importance of GA's work and and well wishes for his safety.
From here the veterans paraded through the school for all the grades to cheer and honor them.  The program ended in the gymnasium with patriotic songs and recognition for each of the veteran guests.  Here is a quick video of the kids preparing for the Veterans who will be parading by.


  1. Stopping by from Georgie's as I try to visit all of the SSS participants.

    This is a beautiful poem. What a neat celebration for the children to participate in.

    Wow, a hug and no lump? I'm glad it was a good day.

    AND the Rally to Restore Sanity - I'm jealous you went!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. What a great idea. And his poem is incredible.

  3. That be proud...what a sweet tribute!

  4. What a poem. Seeing patriotism in action always makes me teary and emotional.