Thursday, October 7, 2010

Where everybody knows your name...

Maybe not everybody knows my name, but one guy does.  There is a restaurant I go to on a regular basis.  I tend to prefer mom and pop type places, but this one is a chain.  Abuelo's.  Yum.  My family is not big on Mexican food, but I love it.  So I pop in here at least once a moth for lunch.  By myself.  With a book.  It never fails I get the same waiter or I at least sit near his section and he stops to say hello.  I get the same thing every time and he knows it.  I don't even really have to order, he just comes up and verifies that I want what I want. 

It feels kind of freaky.  Like I have some kind of OCD tendencies with Abuelo's.  Same food.  Same drink.  Always a book.  Always alone.  Always clean my plate.  Pay the same amount every time.  I often wonder if the staff sees me coming and they say to one another, "Here comes that weird woman.  You know, the crazy one,"?  I wonder what he would do if I came in with a friend, because I think he thinks I have no friends.  Or if I ordered something different.  Or if I didn't have a book.  Maybe he's a little OCD, too, and it would set him off in some kind of panic attack, crying in the corner while sucking his thumb. 

I think it's better if I just stick to my routine.  We'll all feel better.

(I will be absent for a few days due to THIS.)


  1. Good luck with the arm and recovery!!

  2. I am sure they are happy to have you at that restaurant. And bravo to you for going and ordering what you like. I am too self conscious to eat alone at a restaurant. Not particularly shy always, but when alone I also order take out.
    Hope the arm surgery went well!

  3. I love it when I walk in and the waiter/waitress knows what I want. Of course it's usually my local bar. . .

    Good luck with the arm and all!

  4. Nothing at all wrong with a good routine. And Abuelos is so yummy!

  5. I used to waitress (in college) and had this family who would come every SUN morning after church - I adored them - I'm sure this is how they feel about you!