Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am caught.

Before you get your panties in a wad, I did not cheat on my husband.  It's worse.  I cheated on my hair stylist.  As all women know, breaking up with a hairstylist is hard to do, so it's easier to just disappear into the wild blue yonder, never to be seen again.  To move on to the newer, younger model.  That's what I did and I didn't expect to get caught. 

I had a hairstylist I liked.  She was good, she was very close to my home (this is key) and she was reasonably priced.  Then she switched salons.  To the other side of town.  This is not a huge ordeal except that the area she moved to required I drive on the busiest, most hated road in my neck of the woods to get to her neck of the woods.  I avoid this road at all costs unless it's an early weekend morning or late at night.  Since I am rarely out at either of those times, it's a given that I rarely set my car wheels on this road.  So between that and the fact that my hair cuts were "good" but not "great", I decided to search closer to home.  I found someone who met all the factors - good, close to home, reasonably priced.  I have been very happy with her and have sent her quite a bit of business.

A friend of mine still goes to my previous stylist and told me she was moving to a new location again.  A little closer to us, but now ON that most hated road.  I was not swayed. 

Now I just found out my current salon is closing and all the stylists are moving.  To the same location as my ex-stylist.  See?  See why the "fading into the wild blue yonder" is not going to work?  How can I possibly go to this new salon, with my "newer, younger model" stylist and risk seeing my ex-stylist, who I didn't officially break up with.  I just tried disappearing and it.didn'

My husband thinks this is all silly.  It's "business" and it happens all the time.  "Clients come and go, no matter what the business is.  Just say 'hi' to her and keep going."  As a massage therapist, I totally get this.  And it doesn't bother me if a client starts seeing one of my colleagues.  Really, it doesn't.  So I should be able to apply that to this situation, right?  But I will have to SEE her and feel like I need to explain myself.  I will stumble over my words, make a fool of myself and maybe even shed a tear of shame.

I am not good at this cheating thing.


  1. I wouldn't worry about it. She is used to people leaving without actually breaking up with her. And if your current stylist is not available, you have a back up! Good luck on the hated road.

  2. Crap. I hate that. I did it with my last stylist. She was charging $15 more per cut and not doing that great a job, so I up and left her. I found a girl that I love. Then I am at the cable company paying my (late) bill and in walks the ex. Of course she made a snide remark about my hair cut and I knew that our split was meant to be!

    Swinging by from SSS.

  3. Oh be bold and play it up. Go in and hide your face....saying...on no....I was caught cheating.....and laugh. Then ask how she has been doing and go on to your new stylist.

    btw popped over from the SECRET Santa Soiree with Georgie

  4. When it comes to your hair, you need to do what is best for you and your hair. I have changed many times, and would again if I need to. I think sometimes if you go to the same one too long they tend to take advantage of you.

  5. Oh, I hate that!! I'd go with Lynette's advice. I imagine it does happen all the time.

    My ex (a fabulous guy, hot and talented) is also across town. But now that my youngest is almost old enough to be in kindergarten, I will have time and desire to fight the traffic.

    And for him, I would.

    Flowers? Chocolates? New set of combs? These are the things I'm debating in order to get back on his books.

  6. hee hee - just find out what day is her day off and go then!

  7. omg. A friend of mine bought me a $75 haircut and I didn't get it because it wasn't with my girl!

    I totally get this. My heart is racing for you right now.