Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to get a van of teenage boys to be totally silent.

I was listening to some tunes today on my iPod and one of my all time favorites came on.  It's Metro by Berlin.  This song was popular in the 80's, so depending on your age, you may not be familiar with it.  I highly suggest you check it out.

Anyway, it came on a while back.  I didn't realize I had downloaded the live version.  I had my 13 yr. old and a couple of his friends in the van with me when it came on.  I had turned it up and was jammin' away and they were busy chatting amongst themselves.  Towards the end of the song, the lead singer screams into the microphone, "You know what the greatest thing about being a woman is?  The older we get, the better sex is!"  There was already a lull in the teenage boy conversation, and this comment made that lull turn into an eternal silence.  I had to turn to look out the window to keep from giggling.  They were all just sitting there staring straight ahead pretending like they hadn't heard anything.  They had uncomfortable looks in their eyes and were wriggling in there seats.  I think they were each trying to plan there escape from my van.

When it became clear that none of these boys intended on saying another word, I started talking.  They were very relieved.  Now I guess I should delete that version of the song from my iPod.


  1. I say you DON'T delete it! If The Metro (which I love, by the way, being an 80s girl) can get a van full of boys to sit in silence, then it's worth its weight in gold: )