Monday, October 11, 2010

Who's in need of a good night of sleep?

Fadra, at all.things.fadra, is giving away a Tempur Cloud Tempurpedic Supreme Mattress.  For anyone who does not know Fadra, let me tell you, she is the luckiest person I have ever met.  I think I should have rubbed up against me at BlogHer to see if some of that luck would rub off on me.  Yes, it would have looked weird, but who really cares?  Thousands of bloggers registered at BlogHer to win this awesome mattress.  Did I win?  No.  I think you can guess who did.  Fadra.  I won't even go into the list of things she has won in the short time since we first met on that August morning at BlogHer.

Anyway, as you can see from this entry and from my video below -

So here is the video I am entering in hopes of winning this awesome prize!

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  1. Oh MY Goodness! I'm so sorry you've had some rough spots. Good luck in the contest! :)