Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do they have hormone therapy for this?

I have lots and lots of friends with girls.  I hear moms say all the time about how difficult the teen years are for girls - the moodiness, the crying, the yelling, the hair pulling.  I remember how difficult those days were.

I have all boys.  I thought I would miss out on the above drama.

I was wrong.  Well, except for the hair pulling (unless of course you include the occasional tug one makes on another's hair during a wrestling match).

My 13 year old is unpredictable.  Sweet, talkative, willing to help one minute.  The next minute?  Run for cover.

The other day we were having a nice chat about school, a project he was working on, upcoming fun stuff.  I asked him to do something.  Something simple.  Like put away the milk or throw away a napkin.  Oh.my.god.  His head spun around like Linda Blair and I am pretty sure he started to salivate.  Then came the barrage of words, "What?  You are SO mean!  No one else's mom asks them to do stuff like that.  Why do you read my Facebook stuff?  You are stalking my friends!  No one else's mom does that.  Why can't I have a laptop?  Everyone else has one.  I can't believe you expect me to pay for half of a laptop if I want one.  How dare you.  If you loved me you would go buy one right this instant."  These are not exact quotes during this specific conversation, but they have pretty much all been said at some inapporpriate point in time.

I seriously think I am going to look into bio-identical hormone therapy for moody teen boys.  In the meantime, if you all hear of anything that doesn't include boot camp, please let me know!


  1. I'm right there with you, and mine is only 9!

  2. Could you pretty please get all the kinks worked out on that therapy ASAP - mine is 8 going on 15, and he needs to learn that there's only room for one moody bitch in this house.

  3. As a fellow mother of a 13 year old son, all I can do is nod my head in sympathy and tell you I get it. I so, so get it. The moods can switch from one to the other so quickly, it's stunning. He can lull me with a smile, and then flip!

    Here's hoping I've learned a few tricks by the time my 8 year old reaches this age!

  4. If you find a miracle for this, share the info! Mine is only 11 and I hear all that stuff too!

  5. Oh I have SOOO much to look forward too!