Monday, October 4, 2010

And so it continues...

Though the Great BlogHer Wipeout of 2010 happened two months ago, the story continues.  I have been having physical therapy twice a week.  Have you ever been to physical therapy?  It hurts.  And I am jealous of all those people with feet disorders, like plantar fasciitis, who get to go there and do some stretching and then get a 15 minute foot massage.  I start drooling when I see those people getting a foot rubdown and I want to push them off the table and stick my foot in the hands of the PT.  Anyway, I made huge improvements the first few weeks and then seemed to come to a standstill.  Plus my arm was hurting and aching on a regular basis.  I let my PTs know, but we thought it was just sore from, well, from being broken and dislocated.  However, I then started noticing how much it hurt down in the joint.  I was not improving in my flexion and extension.  I saw the surgeon again.  An x-ray confirmed that the bone fragments that broke off of the humerus bone, the ones we were hoping would be secured and stuck in scar tissue, had floated down into the joint and the cartilage.  Ouch!  The result of all this - surgery.  So that will be this week and then I am back to physical therapy.  I wonder if while my arm is in a cast if I can swing into the PTs office for a foot massage?

One of these days, I hope to return to work.  I am sure by now all of my massge therapy clients have moved on to other therapists!  Thankfully, my employer is very flexible.  When I do return, it will be at my own pace and at my own desired schedule.


  1. Gah! Sorry this is continuing to be such a lingering problem! Hope surgery helps alleviate things as you then have to prep for more therapy.

    (on a side note, I've had horrible plantar fasciitis for more than a year now and had no idea there was physical therapy for that! A foot massage is involved?! I may need to call for authorization...)

  2. What a pain in the...wait.

    I totally think you could finaggle a way to get a massage; claim that your injury has put you off balance or something and your feet are getting an extra workout trying to keep up.

  3. Oh rats. I'm so sorry for the continued drama of it all. Hoping that this surgery will be the charm.

    (Doctor-ordered foot massage? Really?)