Friday, September 10, 2010

On this day...

September 10.  For many people it's just a day.  Our history tells us it's the day before 9/11.  For me, it is a day with much significance.  Today is the day I quietly celebrate the "anniversary" of my first brain surgery.  September 10, 2001 was a day that I will never forget.  It's been nine years on this anniversary.  Nine years.  It's been a good nine years.  There was a little blip, six years ago, when I had brain surgery #2.  But in the big picture, it's been nine good, healthy, symptom free years.  Both recoveries were a little rough, but once I got on the healing path, it wasn't nearly as rough as it was prior to my first surgery.

I am eternally grateful to my surgeons and medical team that got me where I am today.  I had tons of support from family and friends.  I had two little boys at the time of surgery #1 and I am thankful they don't really remember it.  I learned a lot about myself.  I ditched some of my weaknesses and learned a lot about my strength.

September 10.  It is a day I will never forget.

(For anyone who is new here, I was diagnosed in the early 80's, while in HS, with a type of cyst at the base of my brain.  In the early 1990's, with the improvement of technology and the invention of MRIs, I was rediagnosed with a Chiari Malformation.  I managed for 18 years, living with symptoms, discomfort, pain and eventually black outs resulting in the need for surgery.)


  1. oh gosh, I am grateful for your successful surgery as well. Thank goodness for the miracle of modern medicine. I love the line about ditching your weaknesses learning about your strengths. Your strength shows through your writing.

  2. WOW - I'm so sorry to hear this! Chronic pain is horrible! But YEAH for you!!!! I'm so glad you are healthy!

  3. Incredibly inspiring...Happy Anniversary, I know the feeling of modern medicine and its wonderful advancements, and am so glad you healed, and are healthy and writing today..Thank you for sharing and posting this personal journey. Peace from NYC.