Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am so sick of sitting on the sidelines.

For the last week, I have had friends from Kansas City staying at my house.  Three moms and six kids came for a visit.  We did lots of things in my little metropolis that I either have never done or haven't done in a long time. 

We went to the Zoo. (FYI - In the first picture one child refused to be in picture.  In both pictures, one child didn't go to the zoo and the third family had not arrived yet for the weekend.)
We went to our pool.  Thankfully, you lucky readers, we have no pictures of me in a swimsuit!

The mamas went out to dinner without the kids!  Clearly, our babysitter is a saint.  She not only stayed with nine kids, she took pictures of us, too.  (Try to ignore that funky tan line above my breast.  I'm on the far left for anyone who is new here.)
We went to the Butterfly Exhibit at Krohn Conservatory.  (I forgot my camera this day.)

We went to see Under the Sea at the Omnimax.

The mamas took a trip to IKEA.  The older kids stayed home and the younger kids went to the kids play area at IKEA.  The mamas spent money while the kids had fun.

We went to the Newport Aquarium.  At this point, two of the moms and their kids had gone back to KC and one family remained.  Big E was at school because of finals/projects, etc. due for the end of the year.  This is a picture of the kids acting like they are being attacked by the shark.
I think the most fun, however, was the amusement park, which we went to while all three families were here.  Kings Island is easy for us to get to and the mamas took the kids for a day of rides, fatty foods and occasional temper tantrums and meltdowns, from the kids AND the mamas!  Two kids were lost, and found, this day, which is quite a success for this group.  Success not because we lost or found them but because only TWO were lost/found and not more.

Now, if you have been around these parts long, you know I have had two brain surgeries since 2001.  Because of that, I am not supposed to do some things that I really love, like ride rollercoasters.  But you can only sit out of life for so long before you say "Fuck it.  I'm doing it."  And that's exactly what I did.  I rode this one.

(The coaster goes just over 50 miles per hour, not the 90 that the guy thought he heard them say.)  It's a "flying" rollercoaster. Basically, while you are riding you are hanging face down, laying down as if you were doing a "Superman" kind of flight. Sous Chef and I rode this the last ride of the day, just in case it didn't go so well for me.  I had him prepped for exactly what he needed to do in case I was passed out when we came back into the terminal.  Once the train seats flipped backwards, I had to start doing some restorative and relaxing breathing.  I had to quickly find my "happy place" before I had a total panic attack.  Sous Chef requested that I didn't start screaming while we were sitting there waiting to pull out of the station.  As we started going up the hill, he said, "It's ok, mom, you can scream now."  Instead, I sat there deep breathing and chanting, "I'm going to be ok."  People, let me tell you, I loved that rollercoaster.  Not because it was different than any I had ever ridden before or because it was fast and flippy.  That was just part of it.  It was so incredible to be on a rollercoaster.  I kept thinking, "Oh my god, I.AM.ON.A.ROLLERCOASTER!"  I gave out a few "whoo-hoos!" and "wows".  I think the last thing I said before getting off the coaster was, "SOUS CHEF!  I am SO glad I rode this."  And I am.  I don't know that I will risk riding it every time we go (we have passes and go frequently during the summer) or even if I will ever ride it again.  Risking it once may have been enough for me.  But I am so glad I did it.  I'm happy to say, I was the only mama who rode a large rollercoaster on this day.

It's been a few days now, and I am still feeling good!


  1. Ok, I am a roller coaster fanatic and I need to know where that one is!!!! That looks awesome!

  2. I love roller coasters! Just reading your account makes me want to hop on one now.

  3. DUDE!!!! That is so awesome!! The roller coaster story had me on the edge of my seat! You are very brave my online friend! Very brave. I think the roller coaster story deserved it's own post. Just sayin'. Are you mad I said that?

    But I did also the picture of you with the tan line.

    And you are also very brave to host so many people. Actually you are insane.