Monday, May 3, 2010


Today is Big E's 13th birthday.  On the kid's birthdays, I usually write a little bit about them.  What can I write about a 13 yr. old that you don't already know?  He's mouthy and stubborn.  He's funny and fun.  He's social and active.  He loves his long hair (though I am continuously caught off guard by people who ask, "Does his long hair bother you?  Does it bother your husband?"  It's usually asked in that tone that implies, "I would NEVER let my son grow long hair!"  I generally respond with, "Of course it doesn't bother us.  It's just hair."  I can't say I love his hair long, but it IS just hair.  Long hair is not a permanent condition, like say a tattoo or those weird earrings that leave holes in your ears the size of the black hole.  Long hair is really so low on our list of things to be concerned about in regards to raising a healthy, happy, kind, safe child that it amazes me people would NOT let their child grow their hair long and instead focus on the bigger issues.)  He reminds me of me.  His smart mouth and ability to argue for or against ANYTHING based on his mood is frustrating.  However, I try to remind myself how much more frustrating it was to be on the other side of that discussion when I was his age.  My parents didn't listen to my opinions, my wishes, my beliefs.  They just went on without much input from me.  And I fought them every step of the way.  So I try to remember that and let him have his say.  I even try to take it into consideration at times when making decisions.  Other times, I send him to his room because I am so EXHAUSTED from the arguing, discussing and debating. 

I thought I might feel old having a teenager.  But honestly, it is making me feel young.  When I look at "friends" on Facebook that I grew up with that have grandchildren.  At our age.  THAT would make me feel old.  But here I am, just 42 years old, with a teenager.  I think that sounds young!

Happy B-Day, Big E.


  1. Happy birthday to your teenager! Amen on the hair thing, too. My oldest toyed around with the idea of growing his hair out, but he's blessed (or cursed) with having a family tree filled with people on both sides who are beastly with thick hair. He decided he couldn't cope with the heat of it!

    Also, he turns 13 at the end of the summer. I'm looking forward to feeling like one of those young 42 year old mothers of a teenager, too!

  2. I'm a mom of a 13 year old boy, too, and I marvel at how life has changed for kids. If you can watch Family Guy, text your friends, keep up to date on Facebook and do your homework all at the same time you simply must be on a completely different level than I was when I was 13. Happy B-day to your boy, and happy b-day to you, too, mom! Enjoy.