Thursday, May 27, 2010

Facebook Friend Request. Ignore.

I recently had two FB friend requests.  I ignored them both.  Have you ever done that?  Do you feel guilty about it?

I have a rule for FB - no parental types.  That doesn't mean if you are a parent, I won't friend you.  What it means is, if you have a parental-like relationship with me, it's a no go on FB.  No MIL, no aunts/uncles, not my own parents (if they were on FB).  Kind of like this blog.  Those people and I tend to have VERY different views on life.  I don't need them seeing any more of my snark than they see in person.  I also don't need them to know more than they already do, let alone what my FB friends are doing.  I like to draw a line between family and friends.  Kind of like separation of church and state.  I support both, but I don't want them linked together.  And I like some privacy.  Well, as much privacy as I can have on FB and blogging, right?

The other rule is that your FB request is denied if you are an inflammatory poster.  You know, posting updates that incite a riot or are hateful or result in lots of negative and ugly comments between commenters.  I had a "friend" on FB like that.  She had considered joining my moms group and then she friended me.  But she posted one day some anti-homosexual comments.  I don't mind differing opinions than my own, I just ask that one express their opinions in a respectful way.  So I "unfriended" her.  She has now asked to be friends again.  I clicked on "ignore."  (Oh, and thankfully, she didn't join my moms group.)


  1. yes, I ignore friend requests sometimes. my rule is that hey have to be an actual friend, not some kid who happens to be in my high school yearbook who I never actually knew!

  2. There are so many people who try to friend you that really just want to creep on your FB and know what you're up to...Deny!