Thursday, May 13, 2010

All I wanted were some frozen peas, dammit!

Have you tried to buy frozen vegetables lately?  It's downright impossible to get just a plain frozen vegetable in a plain frozen vegetable bag.  In my family, one night each week, a family member gets to choose the dinner menu.  We rotate this so everyone gets a turn over the weeks.  This week, it was MG's turn and he wanted peas with our steaks, baked potatoes and salads. I just prefer my peas to not even be cooked, but raw and on a salad.  But it wasn't my night, so cooked peas it is and if I'm going to cook peas, they are going to be frozen not canned.  I think canned peas are gross.  And mushy.

I was at the store staring into the frozen veggie section.  Walking up and down the four or five doors looking for frozen peas.  Just a simple bag of frozen peas.  The kind you get for 99 cents or some el cheapo price because they are PLAIN.FROZEN.PEAS. in a PLAIN.FROZEN.PEA.BAG.  I am certain they no longer exist.  My choices were peas and onions, peas in a butter sauce, peas and carrots and onions.  As for plain peas in a bag, my only option was those "steamfresh" bags.  Don't get me wrong, that makes cooking really easy.  But A) I don't like paying the extra EXTRA cash for that special bag when I can just steam them myself without that bag and B) since I like my peas raw and in a salad I am now forced to pay for a damn "steamfresh" bag that I don't even want!  I finally found a bag of "steamfresh" peas on sale for a decent price and bought two bags. 

But really, all I want to know is where are the plain veggies in the plain bags?


  1. ve gone through this, LOL but I was trying to find frozen peas with carrots with no luck..hmmm? I don't know what's going on? where in the world are the bag of frozen peas? heheh

  2. ahhhh...the good old days. I, too remember the days of frozen peas, frozen carrots, frozen peas & carrots, frozen string beans... we truly need to step back and bring some of the basics into our all too-techie-age worlds.
    excellent post!

  3. every single time I try to leave a comment it goes poof!


    anyway...I feel your pain. It's the same story with broccoli.

  4. Ahh I hate that. And I hate all of the stupid sauces. If I wanted a sauce I would make it myself. Gross.

    Glad you finally found some peas :)

  5. You need a Trader Joe's. They always have the plain ol' frozen veggies. I just came home with separate bags of peas, broccoli florets, and corn. Glad you got you some peas even though they had a fancy schmancy name "Steamfresh". What the hell kind of name is that?

  6. A-to-the-freakin'-MEN!

    One kid with a whey allergy, one with PKU - no sauce, thankyouverymuch. It drives me nuts. Veggies don't need sauce.

    Well, maybe cauliflower.

    Maybe we can get Michelle Obama on top of that.

  7. Is this where we're supposed to say something snarky like, "Farmer's Market" and "freeze them fresh?" Because I don't even take that kind of advice. :)