Thursday, April 29, 2010

My family

It's rare that I have pictures that include my entire family and/or pictures that are of just MG and I.  So here are two pictures.  Enjoy!

This is MG and I celebrating his b-day and our 16th wedding anniversary back in January.

This was taken at a beachfront restaurant on our recent spring break trip.
You can click on either/both pictures to enlarge them, if you so desire.

Cute things CJ has said recently:

Last weekend, he was kissing one of the pages in the book I was reading.  He then said, "I LOVE that word."  I responded with, "What word?"  He said, "Mother.  You are my mother and I LOVE you, so of course, I love that word."

Frequently, when leaving the house together, he will say, "WAIT!  I need to give you a 'go with' kiss.  When  (fill in the blank with "I get on the bus" or "you drop me off" or "when you get out of the car"), I will give you a good-bye kiss."

He is my sweetest child.

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