Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey, there's a Bistro in my McDonald's!

I mentioned that on our vacation, we went to the world's largest McDonald's in Orlando, FL.  However, I spared you the details of what their menu was like.  Well, the day has come, my friends, that I will share the magical, mystery tour of what is known as the McDonald's Bistro. 

We were in line to order while our kids were on the 2nd (3rd ?) floor playing in the arcade and playground and I became so overwhelmed by the menu that I thought I might have a panic attack.  The choices!  Oh my, the choices this McDonald's had.  It really is much easier when you just have burgers and fries and maybe a couple of other choices like salads.  And ordering?  Ordering was a two step process. First, you come to one "station" to place your order to someone who barely speaks English, and get your bill total. You then take your receipt to the next counter to pay for the food and get the food. Well, you get your food unless you ordered something "special," which Sous Chef, MG and I did.  Sous Chef ordered a meatball sub, MG ordered something fancy, and I ordered a spinach wrap turkey sandwich with a salad. Our items were made in another part of the 1st floor and picked up there. I almost dropped my plate, yes I said PLATE, when I realized my food came on a PLATE, with real silverware.  I guess between the menu and the plates/silverware, they can call themselves a "bistro."

This McDonald's had made to order pizza and specialty pizzas, gourmet sandwiches and panninis, and they had a pasta station.  They even had pasta with shrimp on it!  I know this not just because it was on the menu, but because it was on the flashing marquee in front of the restaurant - pictures and everything.  I guess I could have overcome my anxiety by just ordering the "Chef's Recommendation" that appeared on the menu.  What was he recommending?  Garlic Chicken Alfredo and Shrimp Marinara.  Oh, there's also a "Delectable Desserts" menu and gourmet breakfast items. 

To keep you busy while deciding and waiting for your order they had a video showing a gourmet chef preparing meals. A gourmet chef? At McDonald's? Now that's just nuts. I'm pretty sure he was just your average McD's worker with a chef's uniform on and a fancy chef name edited onto the video.

I can honestly say that just because the word "Bistro" appears in your name and you use words like gourmet and other fancy terms, it doesn't guarantee your meal will taste gourmet and fancy.  It wasn't bad food, but it sure didn't qualify as gourmet.

I can also say this.  The one thing this McDonald's was missing was alcohol.


  1. Based on the poor quality of the food, the noise level, how sweaty and disheveled everyone looks, and the random flirting going on behind the counter at my local McD's, I am pretty sure ther is alcohol served there, but they keep it all to themselves and avoid having to put it on the menu!

  2. haha. are you sure you didn't dream this? jk

    I was just telling my son that the only reason we eat at McD's on vacations is because we KNOW what we will be eating...that it's the same food everywhere. Wow, was I ever wrong. (And I have no idea why we were having that conversation).

  3. Ha! I could actually feel the anxiety you described. Too many choices!

  4. Wow! That is not your mama's McDonalds:)

  5. Didn't you feel slightly jipped of your mcdonalds experience? Without the shouted, 'next please!' and the absense of chips and burgers in your choice, it's not maccas at all!