Thursday, April 22, 2010

First, mom jeans. Now, mom hair?

Did anyone see the Today Show segment this week regarding "mom hair"?  COME ON!  Most of us gave up mom jeans years ago (and if you haven't, it's time!), leaving many of us pooch bellied mamas trying to find "the" pair of jeans that results in the smallest muffin top possible.  Do we really need the added pressure of being labeld with "mom hair"?  Those damn celebrities are sticking it to the average woman again!


  1. Can you believe that even those of us creeping dangerously close to the big 6-0 are growing our hair so that it flows? Not to my waist like in the 60s. But definitely longer. Am getting back to the real me. Softer. Sexier. Cheers!

  2. PSH! I really don't care what anyone thinks about my looks. I am married, my husband loves me and thats all that matters. I have stopped coloring my hair. Almost all of the previous color has grown out. I might look like I'm 38, but I sure as hell don't act it.

  3. I have a severe case of PPS (Peter Pan Syndrome) so this will never affect me!

  4. I worry about my hair, because yes, I compare myself to celebrities and how they juggle motherhood all the time.


    Slow news day Today?

    Now excuse me, I'm off to schedule a hair appointment...

  5. Hey...this is so weird...I've been noticing the new hair trend. I hadn't heard it referred to as mom hair though. hmmm...I wish I had mom hair.

    haha...about the jeans. I think I'm going to start wearing mumu's. Too high, too low...gah.

  6. Oh god. I think I have mom hair, and I'm not a mom. LOL