Monday, March 22, 2010


The blogging material seems to be a little slow for me these days.  Why?  Good question.  It's not like I ever find myself at a loss for words.  I always have words, but I guess some days I just don't feel like talking.  That's it.  I'm all talked out maybe.  Or just not in the mood to talk.

Yesterday and today, I've been pseudo following the health care stuff.  Wow.  Now there's some serious blog fodder.  However, I don't really plan to tackle it too much.  Really, how can anyone, there's so much shit in that bill.  I am disappointed how the bill passed.  I think it would have been better to break down the 2,000+ pages into manageable information so that everyone understood the bill.  Hell, had a chance to actually READ the bill for that matter instead of just focusing on the one or two items that each individual was shooting for and ignoring everything else in the bill.  I think voting on individual bills was the better way to go. I think there would have been more support from everyone and I think it would have resulted in a better plan.

I think when a bill is passed because people have been coerced, bribed, given special consideration, paid off, then the bill probably isn't a good one.  If it can't pass on its own merits, then it shouldn't pass.  And for those asshats who were able to be persuaded to vote for a bad bill with some cashola, tax breaks, party favors or whatever else was offered, shame on them.  It doesn't make the bill any better.

I can only assume this means the Republicans will take over in the fall.  I think the Democrats have dug their own graves as of early this morning when they cast their votes.  And you know what bothers me most about that?  I am not a big fan of Nancy Pelosi.  She kind of gets on my nerves.  But I dread even more that I will have to look at and hear John Boehner as Speaker of the House.  He gives me the creeps and he hails from right next door from where I live.  So I already have to see/hear him locally, but if he becomes Speaker of the House?  Aye, yi, yi.

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  1. I know this is an issue with apocalyptic overtones...but when you said you couldn't tackle it because there's "so much shit in that bill" I had to laugh. LOL.

    Now I will be all serious and worry myself sick about this whole issue that I really don't understand. And yes it's scary to think about all the shit that is, I was going to comment longer about that but I just realized I typed "the shit that is passed". ay yi yi is right!!