Friday, March 19, 2010

The men are assholes. But what about the women?

Tiger Woods, John "Johnny" Edwards, Jesse James...though they are all recent guilty parties, the list goes on. I have spoken many times about what assholes I think they are - the big egos, the non-concern for hurting others, the lies, the cover ups, the infidelity. But now I am going to attack the other half of those relationships. If men want to be assholes, so be it. But why do these "other women" play along? What in a woman's thoughts say, "Oh, he's married. No big deal." All I can say to that is "selfish bitch." I have no doubt if a married man came on to me, or if I was with someone and found out they were married, my response would be "You're an asshole. Find someone else who is as shitty as you."

So there. That's my take on homewreckers.


  1. Yeah! And I wonder this: why do these guys send texts to these floozies? They must have a death wish -- as if the floozie will never spill the beans???

  2. i totally agree. total disregard for the marriage. and especially with the guys you mentioned... they have money and power, why not just leave the marriage if it's not working for them FIRST. crazy thought, i know.

  3. "But why do these "other women" play along"

    That's what I don't get. Doesn't say much for women sticking together.

  4. Don't get me started. You know this won't end well. LOL

    Getting caught up on my blog reading....Happy Monday!