Thursday, March 25, 2010

I can't even follow my own "rules".

I don't like rules.  I think most hard and fast rules are rules for those who can't figure out right from wrong, good decisions from bad ones.  For the rest of us, rules are guidelines.  Kind of like "this is a good idea, but if you have a better one, go for it!"  I realize to many, I could be categorized as a "rule breaker".  In fact, I think my BFF called me that in this video.

Once I had kids, I made a "rule" for our family.  Now since I don't like rules, I would prefer to call it a guideline, but in reality it is a rule.  That rule is that each child can only participate in two activities at a time; only one of them can be a competitive sport.  There are probably some who will read this and gasp that I would "deprive" my children from doing everything they want to do.  That I am depriving them from playing the drums, simultaneously being on a baseball, soccer and swim team, taking cooking classes and being in the school play - all at the same time.  I actually had a neighbor complain to me one time about how she spent all of her time in the car going to two soccer practices, football, dance, and more - all for two kids.  I mentioned my "rule" to her and she looked at me with all seriousness and said, "but if we weren't in the car going somewhere, then I would be stuck at home with them."  Seriously?  Anyway, all that "deprivation" my kids are experiencing means we get to have dinners together a couple of times a week, we aren't running around stressing about how to get homework done, eating dinner in the car and wondering when we are going to sleep.  Oh, and we don't have one team that is less of a priority than another.

At least we weren't one of those families that had to juggle those things.  Then, because I didn't pay much attention, I signed CJ up for spring soccer back in January.  Then along came baseball sign ups and I signed him up for that.  It had never been a problem to play spring soccer and baseball.  Well, we got the practice schedules and play dates and low and behold, the practices are on the SAME night and the seasons are almost identical dates.  How did this happen?  I was talking to my husband explaining we didn't have this problem last year - the seasons didn't over lap.  Soccer was an early spring sport and baseball started up as soccer was ending.  After a few days of being totally perplexed about how I got our family into this, I realized ... CJ did NOT play spring soccer last year.  He played baseball in the spring and soccer in the fall.  I'm guessing there was a reason we did that!  When we lived in KS, the seasons didn't overlap, but here they do and apparently I had my head up my ass this year when signing up for sports.  Last year, though?  I knew what was going on.  Somehow, between last spring and this spring, I stopped paying attention and now we have to be two places at once. 

I really need to stop breaking the rules.


  1. I feel ya! My kids and their activities are driving me up the wall!!

  2. Rules...interesting concept. jk

    After toilet training, running kids, (usually involving carpooling, something that I loathe will all my heart), around to whatever activity they're involved in is the worst. Or was. Cuz they do grow up. Now I kind of miss those days. (NOT the carpooling part though).

    My lil guy does not like sports, at least the organized kind, so I only have piano with him. So, it's easy for me to say how great it was.
    Gah. I'm making this comment far too long. I always want to share my life story. hahahaha.

  3. with twins + a toddler we have the same rule!

  4. I always knew you were a rebel.

    Catching up on my blog reading. Happy Friday!