Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am from...

Almost every day, my kids do something that makes me laugh, smile or sigh with happiness.  Almost every day my kids do something that frustrates me, pisses me off and/or makes me want to pull out my hair.  Almost every day, my kids do something that makes me want to pull out the hair of one or all of them.

Some days, one of my kids does something that takes my breath away.  In a good way.  When Sous Chef brought this poem home (with a 100% score on it no less), it was one of those "some days."
I am retyping this poem, with his permission.  He is in 4th grade and I am including his typos and misspellings.

I am from...

I am from a house that is red and looks like a mini mansion, a garden full of colorful, beautiful flowers, and our orange tabby cat Ace in the front yard.

I am from a backyard with Ace sitting in a brown maple tree, two blue swings and a yellow slide, and a row of trees with green leaves in the summer, and a row with none in the winter.

I am from a house with tasty spaghetti with red tomato sauce, the smell of scrambled eggs with toast that has butter and jelly on it, and creamy mashed potatoes with butter.

I am from a summer trip to Saint Louis with friends and family, going up thirty three stories of the Saint Louis Ark, and sitting in a warm, clean hot tub.

I am from a Christmas with presents wrapped in colorful wrapping paper, a game of find the plastic pickle on the plastic Christmas tree, and fun games all day.

I am from a Easter with fun egg hunts at our neighborhood pool, basket finding in the early morning, and tasty candy.

I am from family traditions of sleeping in the living room on days with no school the day after that day, having wht you want on your birthday, and going out atleast once every two weeks.

I am from memories rooted in love, but most of all, I am from you.
Sous Chef


  1. That definitely is a Proud Parent moment! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Proud Parent! I can't wait unil my son start grade school.

  3. That is an awesome poem. Really wonderful. My son did the same format in 5th grade and it is amazing how much they remember. I miss those elem days because things are so rushed even more so in middle school. In 8th grade he was asked to do a similar assignment and really couldn't get into it the same way. Too many other tests to study for...

  4. How cute, and he is really talented. What great observations and memories. A++ for sure!

  5. Oh Kim. I am all teary over here on this late LA night reading this. This is so awesome. What an amazing soul he has. Looks like he'll probably be a blogger. :-)

    But really, you raised this kid mama!! How awesome are YOU??!!