Thursday, March 18, 2010

Funny boys

As we all know, kids say funny things.  Mine are no exception.

CJ said both of these things last week:
CJ:  "Mom, do you know what they say about March?  'In like a tiger out like a poodle.'" 
Me:  "Wow.  I always heard in like a lion out like a lamb."
CJ, with a laugh:  "Oh yeah, that's how I heard it.  I just couldn't remember which animals, so I made it up."

CJ:  "My poop smells like air...fresh air."
This one really had me laughing.  My dad grew up working on a dairy farm and therefore, was very accustomed to the smell of cow shit.  When I was growing up, and even now, whenever we drove by a farm and smelled cow shit and my brother(s) and I were in the back seat gagging and wretching, my dad would always say "Mmmmm...fresh air!"  CJ's comment made me think of this.

Yesterday, Sous Chef was driving me nuts worrying (in a not overly worried kind of way) about the structure of the back of his knee.  He's showing me wrinkles and how they look when his leg is straight, bent, 1/2 bent.  Then he pointed out the back of his other knee was not exactly the same.  Then he calls me over to show me a "dent".  I explained to him that the popliteal space is normal and we all have it.  Apparently, my tone was one of frustration, because he then said,  "Mom, please don't talk to me like that.  I am just a kid and I don't know these things."

And Big E?  Well, since he's the one my post was about yesterday, I don't think I will share any of his comments.


  1. Those conversations are great! Tell Sous Chef I am an adult and don't know these things!

  2. "In like a tiger, out like a poodle." --I love it!