Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Conspiracy Theories

Have you seen or read anything about Jesse Ventura's new book?  I have seen him on The View and also on The Today Show. And let me start by saying, that man needs to do something with what little hair he has left.  I wonder what conspiracy is causing him to walk around looking like that?  He looks much better on this cover than he does in the interviews. But I digress. Unfortunately, I have not seen 100% of either interview, but from what I can gather, he thinks the government is behind many unsolved mysteries and his book addresses like, 14 or so of them. Including 9/11.  Some of what I have heard him say is just downright wacky, on other issues, he has made some good points.

I don't really trust many people.  Ok, that's not actually true.  I trust most people, but nothing surprises me.  That's what I meant.  In case that doesn't make sense, let me just say that I think many (though there are exceptions and some people are just down right mean and evil.)  people mean well and would prefer to make the right decisions, but when they don't, I don't really get all that surprised.  I mean really, you can only be shocked by so many headline stories before you just shake your head and think "There goes another one.  Asshole."  (I put "asshole" in there because it's usually a man who has made the big mistake, and the mistakes vary from man to man, but the mistake usually results in him being an asshole, or worse.)

I am not really much of a conspiracy theorist.  Do I think the government was behind the death of JFK, Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King, Jr.?  Well, like stated above, I wouldn't be surprised.  But that doesn't mean I am running around screaming "Conspiracy!  Conspiracy!"  What about Princess Diana?  Again, I wouldn't be surprised.  I have come to understand that people, especially those with reputations to protect, images to uphold and egos to feed, will do just about anything to save themselves from shame and embarrassment, not to mention jail and big fines.  It seems politicians/government officials, clergy, high level executives and athletes make up a large population of these people.  I also believe that those in charge, those who think they are in charge or those who WANT TO BE in charge tell us what we want to hear, try to tell us what to think and what to believe.  Unfortunately, too many people are ok with that because it seems much of society doesn't want to think through anything or analyze the facts or situations to make their own decisions.  It's just easier to be told how, what and when and leave it at that.  I call this the "blank slate" syndrome.  So many people have a blank slate and are just waiting for others to fill it with thoughts, actions and beliefs.
So I just don't know what to think about the book.  I think maybe I should read it just to see exactly what he is saying and why.  I still don't think it would make me run around screaming "conspiracy!" but it might give me something to think about.  Then, if these "conspiracies" are ever proven true, I really won't be surprised.

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  1. Crazy...but I could have written this. (Though not nearly as well). We really are very similar. Except that I have no idea who this guy is with the crazy hair. Probably cuz I have my head in my you know what half the time.

    The word that comes to mind is cynical. That's how I roll anyway.

    Well said.