Monday, February 8, 2010

Hot Blogger Hookup

As you may know, last week I went on my first Hot Blogger Hookup.  It was with Sassy B.  She came to my little neck of the woods in SW Ohio for work and she dropped me a line saying we should get together.  So we did.  And what fun it was.  If you follow Sassy B., you know she never shows her face.  But when I walked into my favorite Indian restaurant, I knew right away who the blonde woman sitting in the booth looking at the door was.  I just knew it.  We hugged.  It's true.  Me, the "not so much of a hugger" type, hugged!  From there, the conversation never stopped.  It was pretty much like we were friends who hadn't seen each other for a long time.  Except for the parts of the conversation where we introduced our last names, our work life, our family life, our hometown locations, our past.  All of that made it clear to anyone who could hear us talking that we had just met.

We ate Indian food.  We went to see A Single Man at the little theater by the Indian restaurant that shows indpendent and foreign films.  We sighed when it was over, for it was quite sad.  It is an awesome movie with great filming (is that officially called "cinematography"?).  There are some funny moments.  Julianne Moore is one of my favorites and Colin Firth was outstanding.  But enough about the film.  Afterwards, we walked to Graeter's for some of their famous French Pot ice cream. 

Then Sassy B. followed me in her car while I lead her back to the highway so she could go back to her hotel.  She made it safely - I know this because when I got home, I knew I not only had a new friend in real life, but she had already friended me on Facebook, so I knew she was back in her hotel!  Good thing, because I was going to call her to make sure she arrived "home" safely.

You can read Sassy B's version of our evening HERE.  She's a much better writer than I am!

Here's our picture.  Ya know Sassy is famous and all, so I am respecting her privacy.  However, I am willing to sell her autograph to the highest bidder!


  1. i totally love julianne moore, too. i think i might be a redhead at heart.

    glad you guys had fun while i was sitting in the dark with my psycho family.

  2. Yay! It sounds like a pretty successful "date!" I love meeting people and connecting right away.

  3. ooooh, lucky. What a fun night. What a great new friendship. You can never have too many of those. I love how you kept her anonymous! I'm sure she is very pleased.


  4. I have a huge fear of meeting my blogging friends, I give you huge credit!
    I think I am better in blogland than in real life, and dont want to let anyone down..silly, huh?

  5. Too much curry turned my face colors, huh? You could have told a gal! :) For all of you out there worried about meeting other bloggers, this is a fantastic "success" story!

  6. I told Sassy B. that your meeting is epic to me. I've read you since the beginning of my blog life and Sassy not far after that. I've met Sassy but now you yet!! But our time will come!!


    So glad you guys had a great time! She is awesome!

  7. What fun. Clearly, we need to meet at Jeffersonville and do some shopping (aka eating and drinking somewhere) soon! :)

  8. I bet it was so fun! I did this once and I can't wait to meet another blogger. Of course I need some notice so I can lose 5 lbs, get highlights, etc.