Monday, February 15, 2010

Arctic Vogue

For the years my husband and I dated, I was an Ultimate (Frisbee) girlfriend.  Then, I became an Ultimate wife.  I traveled all over this half of the country with my husband and his Ultimate team to a variety of tournaments.  I have to say, though, once my husband "retired," I thought that would be it.  I was wrong.  I am now an Ultimate mom.

This weekend, Big E, my oldest son, joined my husband's original local team in the first tournament weekend of the season.  Considering they were playing in 15" of snow (which, with 19 teams of about 15 people each, was quickly compacted into a few inches) and 10 degree weather, is appropriately named Arctic Vogue.  On day 1, Big E scored three goals; two of them were winning goals.  He was (and will be for several years) the youngest kid in the tournament considering everyone else was college aged up to the "masters" level, which is the over 40 crowd.  I am a fair weather fan now that I am old and don't have to impress my husband any more, so I was happy to hear the details and see the pictures.  They were also on the news.  You can go HERE to watch the clip. (The video is to the right of the "Top Stories" block and just below the "Jobs @WCPO" link near the upper right hand corner.  I'm not sure how long the video will be up.)  Big E is the kid in black with flying dark hair playing against the white team.  This shot comes just after the picture of the beer cans.  Go figure.  The guy being interviewed is Big E's godfather.

Here are some pictures from the tournament.  Big E is always in black (sweatshirt and hat).  He's kind of like Johnny Cash.
This is their team, Smilin' Freds, named in memory of Fred Morrison, the inventor of the Frisbee who passed away on Feb. 9.  They previously were named Smilin' Bobs in honor of the Smilin' Bob commercials for Enzyte.  One of the team members recently did a little stint in prison because he was the Corporate Attorney for the company that made Enzyte and the company and several employees were found guilty of a variety of white collar crimes.
Here are some ice crystals that formed over night from Friday to Saturday.  MG said they were everywhere - "growing" on poles, on grass blades that had gotten exposed from being trampled on and also on top of the snow itself.  Pretty cool.

There you have it.  A little glimpse into the life of being an Ultimate family.  The five of us will head to a tournament in June where we will camp out in a public park with 500 other people. Though I am not a camper, I do love this.  I love waking up in the middle of the night and hearing the drunks play acoustic guitars and singing, hearing the drunk college kids playing flutter, hearing all the people outside our tent sitting around drinking and chatting.  Do you notice a "drinking" theme?  It's a great time and in a small country town where the older kids can roam freely around, go to the local festival and pig out on festival food.


  1. how cool! this is a side of you and your family that took me a little by surprise. but after thinking about it, it fits.

  2. Because I am a freak...the picture of the ice on the pole...made me crave ice.


    I had NO idea...They do look pretty awesome out there on that field.


  4. How exciting for him! (But oh my, it does look COLD out there!)

  5. Those ice crystals are way cool.
    Is one guy in red flannel pjs with duct tape on them?

  6. Your photos got me thinking: Haven't you ever noticed that you will NOT see WOMEN "playing" in snow?? Does that mean we're missing the "fun gene" or the "idiot gene"?

  7. I have some ultimate players as well - but on a more casual level! And cool ice crystals.

  8. How cool is this?! And the first thought that come to my mind is, how many of those "old" guys get injuries? I'd love to do something fun like that around here, but Dana has it right--where are the ladies? Wait, am I showing my "idiot gene?"