Thursday, January 21, 2010


I do NOT like spiders.  I hate them.  They freak me out.  The little ones I can handle, but those big, hairy ones that lurk in my house are FAST and they jump - I about die when they come around and everyone in my house knows it.  At our other house, we had wolf spiders.  I never got used to it, but they usually stayed outside in the woods, so we kind of had an agreement.  They stayed outside and I stayed inside.  When we moved to Kansas, I think we only saw two spiders the entire time we lived there.  I didn't even see one of them because MG hit it with a baseball bat as it came swooping down from the garage door.  It was large enough that he said it totally wigged him out and it made a big thud as he hit it with the bat.  The other one was dealt with promptly and apparently word spread amongst the spider community about what happens to spiders at Chez Jo and there were no more spiders appearances.

When we moved here, being that this is a five year old subdivision built in what is probably an old farm field, the spiders have not been eliminated.  Our first year here, it was not unusual for me to kill two spiders at once - the big, hairy, jumping kind.  Over time, we must have gotten rid of their families because we don't see them too often any more.  The exterminator service may help that little problem, too.

CJ's soccer team was called the Spiders.  Don't ask me why, that's just the name that sounded good to 4 and 5 year old boy and girl soccer players.  Maybe it was because their team was black with orange socks.  I think they should have been called the Jack-O-Lanterns, but no one asked me.  Maybe that was saved for the team with the orange shirts.

Anyway, CJ's coach gave these out at the end of the season:
I have no clue what that woman was thinking.  This thing causes me to pass out every time I see it when I go to the basement.  I beebop down the steps, through the door into the basement, hang a left and BAM, there is this damn spider.  My brain immediately says “Dammit, there’s that damn FAKE spider!”  Yes, I know it’s fake.  But by time my brainwaves have hit my “fight or flight” response, I have already jumped about ten feet and I am on my way into coronary arrest.   If you saw “Modern Family” last week, you know what I am talking about.  Gloria did the same thing with “Barkley, the Dog Butler.”  Go to minute 1:58 of the link and watch until about minute 2:50.  That was me, except Gloria had the guts to pick up the dog and move it.  Well, don’t laugh, but I can’t really bring myself to even pick up the spider and throw it in the trash!

And on the note of Modern Family, if you are not currently watching it, you should be.  I think it’s definitely the best new sitcom on television!

PS – You know how I say Ace goes everywhere with me.  Well, look at one of the other pictures I took.  He followed me to the basement and just had to check out what I was doing.  I don’t understand why he doesn’t pounce on that thing and take it out.  Aren’t cats supposed to like little critters?


  1. I don't mind spiders that are the size of my thumbnail but those big hairy probs if they are outside. Fortunately never seen them inside. A couple of Octobers ago I witnessed nightly a huge spider spinning her web outside...launched between a tree and a fence. Fascinating.
    Onto Modern Family. Yes, yes, yes!!! Seen it several times and last nite got to watch the premier show and the current episode. We laughed for hours afterwards. Today I had to read the review and comments on popwatch ew just to read everyone else's fave lines!!!!

  2. I don't like spiders either. And neither of my kitties will chase crawly critters. They come and let me know when there is one in the house but they won't touch it.

  3. That thing is huge!! You're a saint to not have conveniently lost it by now!

    I also hate spiders. Actually, anything small and potentially creepy is on my list. The other day, I was getting out of the van in the garage, and a leaf blew over my foot and I screamed and jumped so high because I honestly thought that, in a flash, it was a mouse! More often than not, my imagination freaks me out more than I can stand!

  4. okay, by the end of the post i had forgotten the spider was fake and was about to comment on how it is the size of ace's head and how disgusting that is. but since it is fake...

    that is so funny that they were called the spiders.

    have not seen the show. i have heard it is a good one.

  5. Okay. THAT is hilarious!!! I hate spiders too but I'm not as thrown as you by the fake ones that are often seen around our place around Halloween. :-)

    And Modern Family is awesome!! I just love that show. Between that and Glee - my tv life is complete.



    Love it!

    I dislike spiders too and that thing would creep me out!

  7. Hate spiders; cannot see their teeny little mouths, and that FREAKS ME OUT. And now I HAVE to figure out how to see Modern Family. I've heard nothing but good things about it, and I'm feeling the need to get sucked in.