Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Of course it happens now.

In the summer of 2006, I drove myself and my three boys from Kansas to Ohio to visit family and attend my 20th HS reunion.  During that visit, I was trekkin' up Interstate 75 during a horrible rain storm when a guy, driving entirely too fast, hydroplaned in the fast lane and spun and spun until he was in my lane.  I had moved to the slow lane because I couldn't see a damn thing, except the whites of that man's eyes as I hit him head on.  I then went careening down about a 100 foot hill and came to a very soft landing in a creek that then flooded my mini-van up to the dashboard and seats.  It was awesome.  Thankfully, my cell phone stayed put and I was able to call 911 and tell them to be sure to look way down in the "ditch" because I couldn't see up to the highway and I had NO idea what had happened up there after us original two cars hit.  Thankfully, it ended up just being the two of us.  A truck driver stopped and he and the driver of the "guilty" car came down to help me climb back up the hill.  I was fine, with the exception of a bruised arm.  My van was totaled.  My dad came to get me and after they called the SECOND tow truck to get my van out from the tree lined creek down the big hill, they opened the van doors and water came pouring out.  My dad chuckled and said, "I think you are going to be getting a new van."  We then noticed the front two wheels of the van were going in opposite directions.  My dad then just smiled and shook his head as if to confirm he was right.  Or maybe he was looking at me and the smile was a smile of thanks that I was alive and well.

So I drove a rental SUV the rest of my visit and used it to get back to Kansas.  When I pulled in my driveway and opened the garage door, I had a brand spankin' new mini-van in my garage, thanks to my hubby.  So that was 2006.  So if you do the math, you can see that van turned three this summer.  And that's when the warranty wears out, right?  So you guessed it.  Trouble in paradise.  I noticed the electric lock was making a funny noise when I locked/unlocked the van.  I thought it was just because it was so cold.  Well, now it is really awful sounding and the driver's side door won't lock with the electric lock.  I have to push it down with my hand (oh the drama of that!).  Of course, if this had happened about four months ago, the maker would be footing the bill.  Now, I guess, they won't.  Do they make things to just last three years knowing then that they won't have to pay for the crappy equipment?


  1. oh, of course it breaks after the warranty is out. That happened to me with my crappy dishwasher from Sears. Only had it a year and it broke one month after the warranty expired. GRRRR!

  2. yes. actually they make them to last three years and one day, to lull you into a false sense of security.

    crazy story about the wreck!!! so glad everyone was unscathed!

  3. Wow a riveting story. Glad all turned out OK. Sorry about the car lock.

  4. I'm still trying to get over the new minivan in your garage when you got home.

    My daughter totaled her car before Christmas and still no replacement. . .

  5. That darned planned obsolesence! At least it's just the locks for now.

    What a story! So glad that you were safe after such a horrific accident. I've been in six car accidents, so I always break into a sweat whenever I see or hear about one. Aren't you just glad to be here to push down that lock???

    Your husband is stellar, by the way. That was pretty awesome to go through all that and not have to deal with a car salesman.

  6. Completely. Happened with my computer. Happened with my microwave. Sheesh.

    What a harrowing tale! (I think if I were you, I might have needed to check my undies after that one).

  7. Wow. You were that calm in that accident? The water alone would have made me lose my mind. (My son actually helped a family recently after a van slid off a slick road into a river. I thought he was such a hero. He was.) Anywhoisit. The carmakers are do dummies...they know exactly when everything will far apart.