Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Tunes

Those who have been here a while know that I love music.  And I'm kind of picky about my music.  It doesn't necessarily run along the mainstream of the Top 40 kind of stuff that most people listen to.  I especially don't like current Top 40 type country music, but I do like OLD country music and I like variations of country - bluegrass, folk, etc.  I believe one of you referred to my music tastes as "eclectic" or was that "quirky?"  Maybe it was my music is "ecclectic" and I am "quirky."  I can't remember. 

So all of the above music explanation is to point out I have some new tunes here at Chez Jo.  I happened upon Raising Sand by Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin lead singer for you young'ns) and Alison Krauss, a well-known blue grass singer.  It was originally released in 2007, so I am coming in on this a little late.  I put several songs here on my website, but I downloaded the entire album to my MP3 player!



  1. good music.

    Happy New Year

  2. Seriously, your musical suggestions always make me feel more hip.

    Miracle worker you.

    Thanks for the new tune - I do love me some Robert Plant and Alison Krause - who in the world came up with that combo though?

  3. Thanks for the reminder on this one. I've had it since it was first released, and it is truly a great album, but I'd forgotten about it in the crush of other cds I've acquired since then. Time to put it on my iPod!

  4. Alison Kraus and Robert Plant. Can't get no better, but where on your blog can I hear which songs you're talking about? I clicked here, and there, and came up dry.

    For me, it's 100% Bob Segar. For Joe, it's the Mama's and Papa's, but then again, he's like that.

  5. I haven't heard this although I remember it getting quite the buzz when it was released.

  6. Hubby and I were discussing music the other day--he plays the drums and is into music while I'm content with just having top 40 on in the background. People look at me when I tell them I don't care for Dylan or The Beatles!