Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bobby pin

I am still getting used to this long hair.  Or some of you might consider it "longish" but I consider it long.  I am learning to do all kinds of things with it.  Mostly, though, I wear it down a day - either straightened or blown out - and then I wear it up for a couple of days.  I have mentioned before, I don't really wash my hair on a regular basis - I just rinse it out and condition it.  It has done wonders for my hair and the color lasts a lot longer.  I am now to the point where I rinse and condition it about every third day.  The exception is  if I have somewhere to go and I want to wear it down - then it gets the full treatment.  Basically, I guess, shampoo touches my hair about once a week, which is a lot more than I used to do.  When I first started this, I didn't use shampoo for about 4 months.

All of this is really just background information so I can get on with the important details.  Bobby pins.  My hair is a little fly today because yesterday I let it go curly.  I was lazy and didn't want to mess with it so I just rinsed/conditioned, used my all time FAVORITE product ever, Moroccan Oil (do not be swayed by imitations, they suck!), and went on my way.  So today, when trying to pull it up for work, I had all kinds of unruly curls sneaking loose.  Not in a sexy, tousled kind of way.  It was a "I don't care my hair looks like shit" kind of way.  So I decide to pin a couple of those flyaways down.  Have you tried using a bobby pin?  They're all great if you get them in right the first time.  But if you misplace it or didn't quite get the hairs you wanted and have to pull that bobby pin out ... you may as well just start over.  Every time I have to adjust or remove a bobby pin, my entire head ends up looking like a bird has taken up it's home in my hair.  How is that?  Why is that?  What am I doing wrong?  Is it really that hard to take out a bobby pin without destroying the rest of my head?  Apparently, for me, it is impossible.  So I settled for two well placed bobby pins and a lot of hairspray.


  1. You're seriously making me reconsider my decision to let my hair grow out. Again.

    Do bobby pins still have that fun dab of wax on the end? I remember those from childhood, or more to the point, swallowing them when I would use my teeth to seperate the pin.

  2. 4 weeks? My hair is so thin everyday is a must. I am soooooo jealous I could crawl through the computer and pull out one of your bobby pins.

    My oldest son doesn't wash his hair very often either; I have to say it looks good on him.

  3. i generally wash every other to every third. now, i have the same problem with the bobby pins, but i just chalk it up to lack of experience. i would maybe try holding the hair down on either side of the pin with one hand while you pull it out with the other? trust me, if you saw me now you would think i was in NO position to be handing out hair advice.

  4. This is exactly why I have to go with hair that has little or no upkeep. If I tired to use a bobby pin, I'd lose half my hair.

  5. You're asking ME this question? Psshhhttt. I have the same trouble with those automatic snap hair barrettes too. Once they're in, and in wrong, you're screwed. Same reason. I think the hair people do it just for shits and giggles.