Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's 47 Big Ones for him!

Happy B-day to my hubby!

(Don't we look YOUNG!  This picture was taken in November of 2001.  Click on it to enlarge.  You will see we have a lot fewer crow's feet and a lot LESS grey hair than we do now.  Mine was not even colored in this photo.)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Of course it happens now.

In the summer of 2006, I drove myself and my three boys from Kansas to Ohio to visit family and attend my 20th HS reunion.  During that visit, I was trekkin' up Interstate 75 during a horrible rain storm when a guy, driving entirely too fast, hydroplaned in the fast lane and spun and spun until he was in my lane.  I had moved to the slow lane because I couldn't see a damn thing, except the whites of that man's eyes as I hit him head on.  I then went careening down about a 100 foot hill and came to a very soft landing in a creek that then flooded my mini-van up to the dashboard and seats.  It was awesome.  Thankfully, my cell phone stayed put and I was able to call 911 and tell them to be sure to look way down in the "ditch" because I couldn't see up to the highway and I had NO idea what had happened up there after us original two cars hit.  Thankfully, it ended up just being the two of us.  A truck driver stopped and he and the driver of the "guilty" car came down to help me climb back up the hill.  I was fine, with the exception of a bruised arm.  My van was totaled.  My dad came to get me and after they called the SECOND tow truck to get my van out from the tree lined creek down the big hill, they opened the van doors and water came pouring out.  My dad chuckled and said, "I think you are going to be getting a new van."  We then noticed the front two wheels of the van were going in opposite directions.  My dad then just smiled and shook his head as if to confirm he was right.  Or maybe he was looking at me and the smile was a smile of thanks that I was alive and well.

So I drove a rental SUV the rest of my visit and used it to get back to Kansas.  When I pulled in my driveway and opened the garage door, I had a brand spankin' new mini-van in my garage, thanks to my hubby.  So that was 2006.  So if you do the math, you can see that van turned three this summer.  And that's when the warranty wears out, right?  So you guessed it.  Trouble in paradise.  I noticed the electric lock was making a funny noise when I locked/unlocked the van.  I thought it was just because it was so cold.  Well, now it is really awful sounding and the driver's side door won't lock with the electric lock.  I have to push it down with my hand (oh the drama of that!).  Of course, if this had happened about four months ago, the maker would be footing the bill.  Now, I guess, they won't.  Do they make things to just last three years knowing then that they won't have to pay for the crappy equipment?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This question comes up a lot.  Especially with my stay-at-home mom friends, since many of us think someday we will go back into the work force.  Even my working mom (and non-mom) friends have this conversation with hopes of changing their careers over the years.

Though I do work part-time using my Licensed Massage Therapy education and skills, I have a bigger goal.  I want to be a doula.  Did you know that?  Some of you do, but I bet most of you don't.  Some of you might not even know what a doula is.  If you want the full low-down on a doula, go here.  The quick low-down is that a doula is a birth assistant, providing various forms of non-medical support - emotional and physical.  We had a doula with our first child and she was a life saver.  Things got a little hectic towards the end and she was able to give me details of what was happening, what to expect, etc. leaving the doctors and nurses free from having to answer my questions and just do their thang.  She was also able to help me through the pain and discomfort of labor.  Once I got my epidural, she was able to help me through the issues that arise with that.

There are labor/birth doulas and post-partum doulas.  Our doula actually did both.  I want to focus on being a labor/birth doula.  I know with my massage therapy and additional alternative treatment education and skills, I can be a big benefit to a mama to be, especially if her goal is to deliver without medication.  And if it's not, I can still provide quite a bit of relief up until that heavenly epidural gets inserted and after that, too.  I can also provide pre-natal massages and therapies to make pregnancy more comfortable.  I know I benefitted from all of the above through my doula and through my massage therapy friends while pregnant and combining the two into ONE is even more of a benefit.

This is a bit of a long term goal.  It's a two year process to get certified.  I need the flexibility to be called out in the middle of the night for all those babies who don't wait until the sun comes up to be born.  I can't have that flexibility until CJ, my youngest, is able to get himself ready and out the door to school on time.  I figure that will be about five years.  So in a couple of years I will start looking more closely at getting certified and then proceed forward.  Yay.  I have a plan!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I have crossed over.

I have done my best to keep this blog to myself. By that, I mean sharing it mainly with strangers. I set out wanting it to be totally free and clear of all family (except my husband). In the beginning, I shared it only with out of town friends because it was my way of keeping them updated with what was going on at Chez Jo. Over time, my blog changed and it became way more personal. There still are very few friends who know about my blog. My husband still reads and my sister-in-law checks in occasionally. I have not personally shared it with any family members (except my SIL). After the Great Blogsite Debacle of '08, I tried to go more underground by shaking things up here, getting a new web address and going to nicknames. (What? You really thought I named my kids Big E, Sous Chef and CJ? I will tell you this. My cat really is named Ace.) I can't guarantee I was 100% successful, but so be it. I guess if family members need to secretly read about my life, then, well, that's life.

When I finally convinced myself I should join Facebook for a variety of reasons, I again decided it would be friends only. When I discovered my SIL was on, she got friended. Oh and my brother's wife, too. Other than that, I prefer to keep my family out of my "friends" life. My family, mainly my extended family, can be very judgmental and not the most enlightened group. I am very different from them. Many of them are right-wing Christians, some are bigots/racists and they're all homophobic. I am none of these things. Christian? Yes, but my view of Christianity and interpretation of the Bible is very different from theirs. I actually had a cousin ask my mom to boycott X&Y, the consumer products company my husband works for, because they provide benefits to same gender couples and to unmarried couples living together as a family. Hello? My mom pretty much told her off. Then my cousin followed up with an e-mail to me about how the boycott was a success and why. I sent the e-mail off to X&Y PR dept. and they nicely summarized to me how they had not done most of what this organization was claiming. I was quick to not only let my cousin know she needed to do some research about the info. she receives from the fools who are telling her what to believe (she has what I call the "Blank Slate Syndrome") but to also let her know what I thought about her and her beliefs. After I sent my scathing e-mail, my husband said he hoped I was prepared to have her never speak to me again. And she didn't for a few years, which was easy because we lived in KS and they didn't. She talks to me now and she even comes to my home, but she knows what NOT to discuss in this house. And to think, on many occasions, she, her husband and her dad had all asked my husband how her husband could get a job there. HA! They will get quite the earful from me and/or my husband should that ever happen again. Funny though, after my e-mail, getting her husband a job at X&Y was never mentioned again.

Ok, well, that turned into a rant I was NOT expecting. What I was really getting at is I have crossed over into allowing some of these people into my Facebook "friends" arena. I have also set some guilelines for myself. I like Facebook to be fun and funny, a stress free zone. I don't mind the occasional political or other hot topic comment, as long as it's done with respect. I do have a friend who I have very different political views from and he often posts things. However, he is always fair and respectful to others and willing to listen to other views without getting mean or attacking. My family? Not so much. So, what I have decided is that I will continue to remain friends with these family members until if/when they start posting inflammatory comments of any kind. I will then unfriend them and politely, or not, let them know why. Depending on how it all goes, there could be a very low attendance at my house next Thanksgiving.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fragments

Well, well.  Look who's back again for Friday Fragments.  Visit Mrs. 4444 for more.  (I made a rhyme!)
  • John Edwards - come on!  Is anyone surprised that he is the father of his mistress's baby?  The only surprise is that he admitted it.  Oh wait.  He only admitted it because the man he PAID to take the blame is coming out with a book in a few weeks.  John Edwards is a LOSER.  I think all these idiot politicians who get caught cheating on their spouses should have to walk around with a big "L" for loser or "A" for adulterer branded on their foreheads.
  • I made tacos for dinner one night this week.  After Tacogate '09, apparently the man has decided to start labeling his food to keep it protected from the wild animals who ate up "his" tacos the last time.  Yep, he packed them all up and put a sign on them that said, "DAD's TACOS.  Do not eat."  I only wish I had taken a picture of the food placed so nicely in the refrigerator with its cute little sign.
  • I have been eating an apple a day, sometimes two.  Don't go all "Damn, she's a healthy eater" just yet.  I have been dipping those apples in some mighty delicious caramel sauce.  mmmmm.....
  • I was complaining about a client who not only kept his eyes open during the massage, but would turn them to wherever I went.  I was working on one arm and when I moved to the other, he moved his head so he could see me.  When I looked at him, he smiled and said, "Is your red hair natural?"  (And by the way, I think I am going to start telling people it is natural!)  Anyhoo, my colleague said sometimes she will lay a cloth over the person's eyes.  I think I might try that the next time.  It's kind of freaky being watched like that.  So take my advice - close your eyes during any massage you receive!
  • Someone keeps coming to my blog via a search for "under the influence jo". I don't know if this is different people or it's the same person over and over again.  If it's YOU, please know, you can easily "Follow" or sign up for an RSS Feed and not have to Google me each time you want to stop by.
  • I have not really cleaned my house since before Christmas.  I've straightened.  I've tidied up. I've wiped up messes.  But I haven't mopped, vacuumed or dusted.  I've only spot cleaned the bathrooms.  This morning I got a little burst of cleaning energy.  However. after I straightened up everything and cleared out all the extra clutter, the burst was gone.  So basically, my house will not be clean today, either.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I do NOT like spiders.  I hate them.  They freak me out.  The little ones I can handle, but those big, hairy ones that lurk in my house are FAST and they jump - I about die when they come around and everyone in my house knows it.  At our other house, we had wolf spiders.  I never got used to it, but they usually stayed outside in the woods, so we kind of had an agreement.  They stayed outside and I stayed inside.  When we moved to Kansas, I think we only saw two spiders the entire time we lived there.  I didn't even see one of them because MG hit it with a baseball bat as it came swooping down from the garage door.  It was large enough that he said it totally wigged him out and it made a big thud as he hit it with the bat.  The other one was dealt with promptly and apparently word spread amongst the spider community about what happens to spiders at Chez Jo and there were no more spiders appearances.

When we moved here, being that this is a five year old subdivision built in what is probably an old farm field, the spiders have not been eliminated.  Our first year here, it was not unusual for me to kill two spiders at once - the big, hairy, jumping kind.  Over time, we must have gotten rid of their families because we don't see them too often any more.  The exterminator service may help that little problem, too.

CJ's soccer team was called the Spiders.  Don't ask me why, that's just the name that sounded good to 4 and 5 year old boy and girl soccer players.  Maybe it was because their team was black with orange socks.  I think they should have been called the Jack-O-Lanterns, but no one asked me.  Maybe that was saved for the team with the orange shirts.

Anyway, CJ's coach gave these out at the end of the season:
I have no clue what that woman was thinking.  This thing causes me to pass out every time I see it when I go to the basement.  I beebop down the steps, through the door into the basement, hang a left and BAM, there is this damn spider.  My brain immediately says “Dammit, there’s that damn FAKE spider!”  Yes, I know it’s fake.  But by time my brainwaves have hit my “fight or flight” response, I have already jumped about ten feet and I am on my way into coronary arrest.   If you saw “Modern Family” last week, you know what I am talking about.  Gloria did the same thing with “Barkley, the Dog Butler.”  Go to minute 1:58 of the link and watch until about minute 2:50.  That was me, except Gloria had the guts to pick up the dog and move it.  Well, don’t laugh, but I can’t really bring myself to even pick up the spider and throw it in the trash!

And on the note of Modern Family, if you are not currently watching it, you should be.  I think it’s definitely the best new sitcom on television!

PS – You know how I say Ace goes everywhere with me.  Well, look at one of the other pictures I took.  He followed me to the basement and just had to check out what I was doing.  I don’t understand why he doesn’t pounce on that thing and take it out.  Aren’t cats supposed to like little critters?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Just what I needed!

I"ve been very lazy and unsociable lately.  In fact, I have not left my house since Friday, early evening.  I have been in my PJ's the whole time.  I haven't talked on the phone and I haven't even walked out to get the mail or newspaper.  I have showered and changed my PJ's, but that's it.  We even skipped a party on Saturday because I didn't feel like going anywhere.  I've had lots of sleep.  Two of my kids were visiting the grandparents for the weekend, so it was just me, MG and Big E.  Sunday it was just me for a few hours while Big E and MG went to their weekly Disc Golf game with friends.  I have to go to work today, so I guess I will be forced to leave.  Oh, and I need to go to the grocery store.  If it weren't for those types of things, I'd probably stay in the house until spring - or at least until the sun comes out.  It's a good thing I like my house.  I wonder if I should be concerned about this "hibernation"?  The thing is, I like it.  I'm happy here, so I am thinking it's no big deal.  Maybe I need to consult with Dr. L, my friend who's a psychologist.

There is one other thing that is going to get my ass out of this place.  SASSY B is coming to town in a couple of weeks.  Yep, you read that correctly.  Sassy B is coming to the area and we are having dinner together.  It will be my first time meeting a bloggy friend live and in person.  I knew all this blogging would lead to good things!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fragments

It's been a while since I have participted in Friday Fragments.  I'm not sure why.  Reality is, with all the shit that jumbles around in my brain at any given time, I could write up fragments at any point in time.  Visit Mrs. 4444 for others who may, or may not, be like me.

First and foremost, let's all agree that we are keeping Haiti and all the people there, whether survivors or aides, in our prayers, good thoughts, and hopefully even financial donations!

Ace, the cat, you know the one my husband is allergic to?  Well, he is a good cat.  He comes running whenever we call him to come inside.  Every now and then we will have to shake his treat bag, but not often.  He wears a bell, and usually as soon as you call his name, you can hear him running.  A lot of the time, he hasn't even really gone anywhere except into the tree line in our back yard or under the deck.  The other day he didn't come.  And didn't.  And didn't.  It was a little unnerving.  Then my husband, you know the one who is allergic to the cat?  He says, "I hate this.  I get worried if he doesn't come when we call him."  He loves that cat as much as the rest of us.  Ace, as it turns out, was about 30 feet high in a tree and couldn't get down.  Guess who helped him?  Yep, that man who is allergic to the cat.

I'm hooked again on that craptastic show, The Bachelor.  Even though I know a good deal of it is "set up" by the producers, I can't stop watching.  I am always amazed people will go on this show and embarrass themselves that way.  There was a local girl on and a friend of mine FB'd that her neighbor's daughter was on the show.  My response "Are they hiding under the furniture dying of embarrassment?"  Some others didn't like that and said those parents should be proud of their daughter.  Well, maybe, but I hope it's not for going on The Bachelor.

My Chucks have already shipped!  I can't wait to get them.

The other day I had not eaten anything before I went to work.  After work, I had to go to the grocery store, which you know "they" (who are "they" anyway?) say it's a bad idea to grocery shop on an empty stomach.  Well, I went by the bakery and could not resist a jelly filled donut calling my name.  I got it, put it in the kid seat portion of the cart and finished shopping.  It was all I could do not to eat that donut before paying for it.  I'm not kidding when I say I had the shakes thinking about the donut in the cart.  I had the bagger leave it out and I ate it as soon as I got in the car.  I think I may have a problem.  Actually, I think the problem is that I waited to eat it.  Next time, I won't.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


If you've ever read Cardiogirl, you know she always has a picutre of a Converse Chuck Taylor shoe.  After a few weeks of checking into her place for a read, I couldn't stand it any longer.  (I've had a shoe issue lately.  I have had trouble finding shoes - they're all either too cutesy or too clunky or too dressy.  I couldn't find a cool, casual shoe.  I did buy a pair last week that I really like, but even at that, it wasn't what I was looking for.  Really, what it comes down to, is I just want to wear my flip-flops, but that's not really possible when the ground is frozen.)  Soooo, I bought these. 

All three of my kids have worn Chuck Taylor high tops. Now, at the young age of 42, I have my own pair of Chucks. Well, I will when they arrive - I ordered them from the Converse website.  Depending on how well I like them, I may go design my own pair.  THAT sounds like fun!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bobby pin

I am still getting used to this long hair.  Or some of you might consider it "longish" but I consider it long.  I am learning to do all kinds of things with it.  Mostly, though, I wear it down a day - either straightened or blown out - and then I wear it up for a couple of days.  I have mentioned before, I don't really wash my hair on a regular basis - I just rinse it out and condition it.  It has done wonders for my hair and the color lasts a lot longer.  I am now to the point where I rinse and condition it about every third day.  The exception is  if I have somewhere to go and I want to wear it down - then it gets the full treatment.  Basically, I guess, shampoo touches my hair about once a week, which is a lot more than I used to do.  When I first started this, I didn't use shampoo for about 4 months.

All of this is really just background information so I can get on with the important details.  Bobby pins.  My hair is a little fly today because yesterday I let it go curly.  I was lazy and didn't want to mess with it so I just rinsed/conditioned, used my all time FAVORITE product ever, Moroccan Oil (do not be swayed by imitations, they suck!), and went on my way.  So today, when trying to pull it up for work, I had all kinds of unruly curls sneaking loose.  Not in a sexy, tousled kind of way.  It was a "I don't care my hair looks like shit" kind of way.  So I decide to pin a couple of those flyaways down.  Have you tried using a bobby pin?  They're all great if you get them in right the first time.  But if you misplace it or didn't quite get the hairs you wanted and have to pull that bobby pin out ... you may as well just start over.  Every time I have to adjust or remove a bobby pin, my entire head ends up looking like a bird has taken up it's home in my hair.  How is that?  Why is that?  What am I doing wrong?  Is it really that hard to take out a bobby pin without destroying the rest of my head?  Apparently, for me, it is impossible.  So I settled for two well placed bobby pins and a lot of hairspray.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

That's entertainment.

This past weekend, I read and read.  I started and finished two books.  I read each of them in less than 24 hours.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova
This was such an interesting book about a 50 yr. old Harvard professor who gets early onset Alzheimer's disease.  It is a fictional story, but the book is written by a Harvard professor whose specialty is neuroscience.  The book does not tell the story in a third person setting - it's not told by Alice's doctors or caregivers point of view.  It's told from Alice's point of view of what it's like to slowly lose your memory.  It's a must read.

After You by Julie Buxbaum
This story is about a woman whose best friend, Lucy, is murdered.  Ellie leaves her husband to go to London for the funeral and stays on to help with Lucy's daughter, Sophie.  Obviously, the story is not as simple as that so I will leave it there.  A great read for anyone who has a really cool best friend!  (Hi, LQ!)

My book club was supposed to read a book this month titled Independent People.  It is translated from Icelandic into English, though, and many were having trouble with the translation and gave up.  I didn't even start it, so we decided those who wanted to finish it should and they can tell the rest of us about it.  The rest of us decided to read and/or go see Precious (based on the book titled Push by Sapphire).  Since my movie going friends and I were down to the wire, we went to see the movie on Sunday.  It is everything you have heard it is.  I am sure it will be part of the Academy's 10 Best Pictures.  Since the movie gang and I are going to the Academy's Best Pictures marathon again this year, we are hoping this movie is shown during lunch or dinner because we don't think we can stomach sitting through it again.  It is hard to watch a person be treated the way Precious is treated.  Though the book is fiction, you know there are situations like hers in real life.

I can't get too far ahead in my book club reading or I forget the details when the time comes to discuss the book, so I am about to start House of Testosterone - One Moms Survival in a Household of Males.  I've only read the introduction so far, and I've already chuckled.  The author has a husband, three boys and a male dog.  Not at all unlike my house, except that we have a cat.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

These boots are made for walking.

It's finally snowing here in grey, cold Cincy, OH.  It's about damn time.  This IS what I love about winter.  I bitch and moan a lot about the cold, but in reality, as I have said before, I don't mind the cold days and grey skies as long as snow is falling.

I was lying awake last night.  I couldn't sleep since for two days, in between toilet runs and labor contractions excruciating stomach pain, I slept as much as possible.  Now that it was the middle of the night and I was mostly out of pain and I SHOULD have been sleeping, I couldn't.  Anyway, I was laying there thinking about my new boots.  I bought a pair of ugly ass boots because I was tired of walking to the mailbox or out to get the paper or to the neighbors in my cute shoes and getting them all wet and my feet even colder than they normally are.  I tried to find a cute pair of snow boots, but I couldn't.  Well, actually, I did find a pair cuter than the ones I bought, but they didn't have my size.  Or I could have taken my 11 yr. old niece's lead and bought a $180 pair of Uggs, but 1) I am not sure if they are good in snow and 2) even if they are, I wouldn't want to ruin them by being out in the snow in them.  Since I don't really plan to wear these babies in public on a regular basis, I guess I was able to compromise on fashion and go totally for function.  It's a good thing, too, because this winter we are hoping to take our kids to the nearby ski slopes and go tubing.  Not skiing, tubing.  They have some pretty fun tubing runs, from what I hear.

So as I was laying there at 3AM thinking about my boots for this year (and most likely the remainder of my long life), I started thinking "What did I wear on my feet in college?"  I went to an urban college.  The University of Cincy, right in the middle of city stuff.  It was known as the "concrete campus", though much improvement has been made in that area since I graduated.  I loved it there.  Anyway, I think in my four years of being educated, they only closed campus once or twice.  I really only remember once, but I am guessing there might have been another time I am not remembering since some of my college years are a little blurry.  So what DID I wear on my feet when we had lots of snow and I had to trek my way through the city streets to get to my classes?  I don't remember any kind of boots being trendy/fashionable in the mid-late 80's, but I do know this.  I would not have been caught dead in the boots I will be sporting this winter.  So, someone help me.  Do you remember what you wore on your snow covered feet in the mid-late 80's?  Maybe that will remind me of whether or not I owned a pair of boots or if I just strutted around with frozen, snow covered shoes and socks, which then became wet and soggy shoes in socks in the classroom.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Woman down!

That would be me.  The stomach virus that started with Sous Chef, hit MG, then Big E finally knocked me on my ass.  I spent over 30 hours either reclining or in the bathroom.  The others had vomiting issues.  Me?  Well, let's just say my colon is cleared for a successful colonoscopy.  And my bathroom needs a good dousing of Lyso and bleachl to clear all those extra nasty germs it has been exposed to.

I don't remember the last time I felt this bad.  Man, this is really a stomach thing.  My stomach would cramp up from under my ribs to my pelvic bone, last a couple of minutes.  Stop.  Repeat.  It reminded me of being in labor.  And considering my labors were fairly short, with one being really short (I went from 3 to 10 centimeters in 30 minutes!  Aren't you glad to know that?) this pain lasted a hell of a lot longer.

I'm still not back 100%, I spent most of today sleeping.  I'm thrilled that I have been able to sit here long enough to put together this post.  I hope it's coherent.  I could really use a shower, but that may have to wait.  Keep your fingers crossed that CJ doesn't get it next.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Tunes

Those who have been here a while know that I love music.  And I'm kind of picky about my music.  It doesn't necessarily run along the mainstream of the Top 40 kind of stuff that most people listen to.  I especially don't like current Top 40 type country music, but I do like OLD country music and I like variations of country - bluegrass, folk, etc.  I believe one of you referred to my music tastes as "eclectic" or was that "quirky?"  Maybe it was my music is "ecclectic" and I am "quirky."  I can't remember. 

So all of the above music explanation is to point out I have some new tunes here at Chez Jo.  I happened upon Raising Sand by Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin lead singer for you young'ns) and Alison Krauss, a well-known blue grass singer.  It was originally released in 2007, so I am coming in on this a little late.  I put several songs here on my website, but I downloaded the entire album to my MP3 player!


My filter works better each year!

I am reading and hearing a lot about New Year's Resolutions. Some are inspiring and will make the world a better place, others are challenging and make me tired just thinking about them, some are realistic and ones even I could accomplish.

I keep telling people my resolution is to not make a resolution, just like every year. But today I remembered, that for the last few years I HAVE had a resolution. I have been somewhat successful, but I still need improvement in the area, so I continue each year with it. What is the resolution? To try to keep my opinions to myself unless asked.

For those who don't personally know me, I can be very outspoken, often at inappropriate and unappreciated times. For years, I did not have a filter on my mouth. My brain works too fast and thoughts and words are out of my mouth before I can stop them. Then I sit there saying to myself, "Shit! Did I just say that?"

Well, over the last few years, I have improved significantly. I still blurt things out when I wish I didn't. I still give people my two cents when they don't ask, but I am SO.MUCH.BETTER. Sometimes my filter works 100% and other times it kicks in in the middle of what I'm saying and I cut myself short.

You should know, though, sometimes even when my filter is working 100%, I go ahead and say what I want. I may start with "I'm sorry, I know you didn't ask my opinion, but here it is...." (or I may not start with this) and then I will try to give you a toned down version of what I really want to say. If it's something I am passionate about or feel VERY strongly about, you will get me full on, bad words and all.

IF you do ask for my opinion, you should be prepared to hear it. No mincing words, no holding back, no tippy toeing around the subject. You asked, you'll get it. And I most likely won't apologize for it. I might apologize if I hurt your feelings, but I won't apologize for my opinion.

Oh, in case you hadn't already figured it out, this blog is TOTALLY exempt from my New Year's Resolution.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We had a very quiet evening, for a while. We had two extra kids staying with us, which is normal. I locked  ordered the kids to the basement so MG and I could watch The Hangover.  He has not seen it yet and I was ready to see it again!  However, MG was asleep by about 9:30, I do believe.  Big E came upstairs about 10:00 saying his stomach hurt and he was going to bed in his room.  That left my other two kids and Big E's friends in the basement.  I watched The Hangover alone.  The basement kids told me when the ball was dropping, we said Happy New Year! and then one of the boys called his mom to come get him since it was obvious Big E would not be rejoining the party.  Shortly after Spencer left, I hear "MOM!  I just threw up."  Great.  No one had been sick since Monday so I thought the rest of us had escaped the vomit fest.  Wrong.  He is better today, so it really does seem to be a short running virus.

All in all, it was a fine evening.  It's been a while since we have been home on New Year's Eve and it was kind of nice!  Maybe next year I will have crazy stories of me running through the streets, drunk, without my shoes.  Oh wait, that has already happened.  Many times.  I'll have to come up with something else.

Happy New Year!