Tuesday, December 8, 2009

When did it happen?

This morning, I was writing a note for my 7th grader - my 7th grader! - to get out of school early for an orthodontist appointment.  I swear, the wind was practically knocked out of me.  Not because HE is IN the 7th grade, but because I HAVE a 7th grader.  It seems like yesterday MY mom was writing notes for me to get out of school early for the orthodontist. 

This morning, I felt like I was playing house, playing mom and that I am really still a child myself in this grown up body.  I feel this way occasionally, as I think all grown ups do.  It's not always about being a mom, either.  Sometimes it's when I am at work - the fact that I am on my second career, that I am OLD ENOUGH to have a career at all, let alone my second one (third, really, if you count motherhood!).  It happens sometimes when I am grocery shopping or at the doctor.  I am this little girl out in the big world, playing grown up.

How did I get here?  When did all of this happen?  And then the reality that it is not going to stop.  That I can't turn back time, I can't press the button on the stopwatch to stop that little timer from counting the time.


  1. You know, it seems like just yesterday I was writing notes, in my mother's best handwriting, to say the reason I wasn't in school was because I had an orthodontist appointment.

  2. listen, this post kind of comforts me, because i read about your life and look at your photos, and you strike me as so mature and sophisticated (with a decidedly eclectic taste in music). i feel like i am still waiting to "grow up". i just hope my whole life hasn't passed by before i finally do.

  3. well, I can you this...it doesn't get any better. I look in the mirror and it is actually painful; I still feel like I should have my wrinkle free face. My inside does not match my outside.


  4. Same for me.
    7th grade was a long time ago but it seems not so long ago--I mean I can remember so much.
    A couple years ago I realized I was the same as my mom was when I got married. Sheesh.

  5. I so understand this! When I sit outside my own 7th grader's school to pick him up when weather is bad, I'm actually sitting outside the building where I attended high school, and even though the inside of the place has changed some, it still feels like I should be rushing to my algebra class inside those same halls, but that's impossible because my child is in there, and suddenly that child is 12! Things seem to be rushing by far, far too quickly.