Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas from the Jo Family

Merry Christmas!

If you want a really good view, you can click on the photo (or maybe double click?) to enlarge it.  Yes, we know Big E has hair like a 1970's Robert Plant.

For a very few of you, you will be receiving your very own copy in the mail.  For the rest of you whom I never had the chance to meet IRL, this will have to do.  I know you are crushed not to have your very own copy to hang on your Christmas photo holder and then eventually move us to the refrigerator for the 2010 year.  Feel free to print it out, though.  Oh, and this little tidbit would also come in your card if I were sending you one.

2009 Top Ten Events
  1. We welcomed a new family member. Ace, the cat, found us in August when he was about eight weeks old. We LOVE him, and that “we” includes MG, whose cat allergies get better every day! It was a little touch-n-go at first.
  2. We had two different family friends visit from Kansas. We loved having them and look forward to more visitors!
  3. MG continues to love his 1963 BMW motorcycle. I continue to remind him of its antique status and that he IS the same age as the bike, possibly making him an antique, as well. He is at an R&D site at X&Y and loving it. He is working on a top secret project and if he told you what it was he would have to … well, you know.
  4. The boys, a friend of Big E's and I went to St. Louis to meet friends from KS. A total of five moms, one grandma and 14 kids were on this trip. We are not sure if the most exciting part was outdriving a tornado (it’s true!) or running screaming from our hotel to another hotel in the middle of the night, in our pj’s, because we discovered our room had bedbugs. Due to a lot of precautions, we remain bedbug free in our home.
  5. I went to Hawaii (majority of time on Maui, a few days on Oahu) with my best friend, LQ, who is currently living in Guam. I can’t even go into all of the things that had us laughing until we couldn’t breathe and often resulted in people staring at us.
  6. Big E, 7th grade, turned 12 yrs. old in May. He loves middle school and is becoming quite the Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf player. He played in his first “adult” tournaments this year. He also still enjoys basketball and baseball.
  7. Sous Chef, 10 yrs. old on Dec. 20, is in the 4th grade. He is now in intermediate school. He loves the computer and reading. He can’t get enough of swimming.
  8. CJ, aged 6, is in Kindergarten. He loves school and says it’s his favorite hobby. We’ve only had one phone call from the principal, which if you know how cutely ornery CJ is, you would know this is an accomplishment.
  9. Minus a “boot” for MG's Achilles tendonitis, three stitches in my thumb and a foot and leg cast for Big E, we’ve had a pretty healthy year and are very thankful for that!
  10. It’s been a great year!


  1. I love that you have a top 10 list going out in your cards instead of the usual long letter format.

  2. I think the list of 10 is a genius idea. Cutting to the chase. Sounds like a pretty great year.

    Wish we were friends IRL.