Monday, December 14, 2009

It's a Secret Santa Soiree!

Yippee!  I got my Secret Santa Soiree gifts today.  What fun it is to get gifts not just from a Secret Santa, but from someone you've never met before - at least not in person and probably not even through the blogosphere

The excitement started like this:

Then moved on to:

Notice those two Snickers bars?  Already, I'm down to one.

From here came:


Can't see everything?  Well, my gifts include votive candle holders and a candle, Gourmet Spice scented foaming hand soap from Bath & Body Works (Yum!), Thank You Notes (maybe I'll send one to my Secret Santa since her address is on the box!), a Koozy holder (perfect for my summer outdoor drinking festivities!), a Snowman lotion/soap dispenser and a Christmas tree ornament with my name painted on it.

Here's a close up of the ornament.  It looks great on the tree!

And this little guy is perfect.  I am wondering if my Secret Santa snuck into my bathroom and discovered this is the place that gets decorated with snowmen?  What better place for a snowman soap dispenser than a bathroom decorated with snowmen?

Thank you Secret Santa!  I look forwrd to finging out who you are!

And thanks to Amy and Georgie for organizing this little party for all of us!


  1. How cute! I am jealous every year at this time but I still know I shouldn't participate. I am way too bad at procrastinating.

  2. You must have been very good this year!

    I got mine today as well and blogged a photo of it, too.

  3. wow Jo you got some super nice gifts! It is as much fun for me seeing what everyone is receiving i just love it!

  4. You got some really neat gifts! I love that ornament! That ornament is way too cute. Looks like you had a great Secret Santa!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. how fun!! you could have sent me those two snickers bars and i would be happy! you really cashed in! you have any clues as to who it may be?

  6. My vote is your Secret Santa is from Maryland because of the crab koozie. I like that know how I LOVE ornaments...especially cute unique ones.

    Yeah, that second snickers bar would have been gone before I hit POST.

    Those are cute nutcrackers in front of your tree. Where did you get them??

  7. I forgot to tell you (cuz I forgot to do this myself) that with the Circle of Friends Award you're supposed to list 5 of your favorite things. gah.

    No pressure...just thought I'd better pass on the real 'rules'


  8. wow nice gifts!


  9. I love that soap dispenser! Too stinking cute!
    You scored in the SSS department!

  10. Awesome presents. I'm making the rounds to wish all a Merry Christmas!