Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's a beautiful day.

If you've been around these parts long, you know I am not a fan of winter.  Not just because it's cold, but because here in SW Ohio, winter equals wet and grey.  Not snow and grey or just cold and grey, but wet.  It seems we spend a great deal of the winter in the 33 degree range with rain.  It's absolutely miserable.  I do enjoy a cold, crisp day when the air feels good in my lungs and the sky is blue, but that is rare.  So since we rarely have the cool, blue skies, I am always wishing for it to be cold enough for that rain to turn to snow.  Imagine my happiness this morning when I saw this!  It's not a ton of snow, but IT'S.SNOW!

All night long I was like a kid on Christmas Eve.  I kept getting up to see if the snow had started.  Once it did, I kept getting up to see if it was sticking, how much was on the ground, if it was STILL snowing.  It's morning and the snow has started again.  It's a good winter day!

This picture of CJ has nothing to do with snow, but I took it the other day while he was playing in the bath tub and just love it.


  1. that bubble bath looks heavenly. how cute. what is it about bubbles?

    i love a blue sky, too, regardless of the temperature. however, we have just a tiny bit of snow here today, too. to the tune of 12+ inches.

  2. Love it! All of it. Such a happy post. :)