Saturday, December 5, 2009

I might be forgotten, but I'm not gone!

There just hasn't been too much going on here.  My hubs was out of town for the week, I decorated the house, I worked, I napped a little. 

I have spent a lot of my time this week shaking my head over the Tiger Woods saga and really wish our society would realize we do not own this man (or any other famous person, politician, etc.), it's not our place to "forgive" him and he and his wife can hash out their marriage in private, however they choose, paying off whoever they want.  When he does something that hurts me/you directly, then we can talk about it all we want.  I do like Tiger Woods and I thought he was one of the good guys.  It turns out he is human like everyone else and his wife should consider kicking his ass to the curb.  Oh, wait, she already tried that.  Never mind.

I had my annual gyno exam and I no longer weigh what my driver's license says I weigh.  I have weighed the same or less than my license for the majority of my life and now I don't.  I'm in a panic and think I better get to work on this.  After Christmas.

My roots were so obvious that when I had a friend over the other day while I was talking to her she kept looking at them.  She's very polite and was all flustered when I said, "You.  I just saw you staring at my roots.  You tried to look quickly, but I caught you!"  She giggled and was all, "Did I?  I didn't know I was doing that!"  Then when MG got home from his week long trip, we were talking and he did the same.damn.thing.  I said the same thing to him about looking at my roots.  He then said, "Yes, I was.  You need to do something about that."  It was quite humorous because all these years I have been telling him he needs to pay attention to what is going on around him, notice more things, etc. etc.  It figures, he takes my advice when it comes to my grey roots!  I colored my hair last night and it's awesome.  I also did my eyebrows, which I've never done before.

So that's it.  I'm still here, even if you have forgotten about me!


  1. Hate when my roots show and I see a gray hair! Would rather to keep that out of sight.

  2. Leave to a man to start paying attention to you the day you look like crap... Typical!!!


  3. No way, I would never forget about you! that what the car accident was? Her kicking him out? That story is so convoluted I gave up trying to figure it out. It does make me sad though.

    hmmm...eyebrows? interesting. :)

  4. how did you do your eyebrows? did you leave the color on for the whole time? did it stain your skin underneath? i am very intrigued because i have been wanting to try that for years now. i am getting very close to being finished with rootwatch 09, and will soon be coloring again. i need info!

  5. I still gotta get all my Xmas stuff out, planning to this week.

    I am sure your hair looks fabulous now. Funny how men work.

    This Tiger thing too, wowzers. I was surprised too but he is human.

  6. Tiger. I can say that although he is still an amazing golfer I just don't respect him like I used to. I agree, I thought he was one of the "good guys," but I guess you never know what people are hiding behind their perfectly composed facade.