Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Buzz

Unfortunately, we have not been to any Christmas parties yet this year, so the alcohol induced kind of buzz is not what I am talking about. 

What I am talking about is trying to get it all together for THE.BIG.DAY.  Gifts bought and wrapped, menu prepared (we have over 25 people coming to our house for Christmas Day dinner and festivities), food bought and then food prepared.  Thankfully, the folks attending are helping with the food, but I still have the main dish and some other items to take care of, not to mention cleaning my house.  Yuck.

So far, I am doing pretty good.  I got my two packages in the mail and they will arrive on time (that is, BEFORE Christmas, usually my stuff gets where it needs to be AFTER Christmas).  I have purchased some gifts for the kids and the hubs and I continue to fall more and more in love with online shopping.  We only get our kids three gifts for under the tree - three gifts were good enough for Jesus and so it is good enough for my kids.  We do put additional items in their stockings.  We don't sign their gift tags as being "from" anyone.  When they were little they just assumed the gifts were from Santa.  Oddly, they never asked "What did YOU get us?"  Now the older two just play along with the "Santa" thing for CJ. 

So the buzz is on.  And next weekend we are attending a party.  Maybe I'll get a real buzz that night.


  1. I know someone else who does the three gift thing. . . found out about it too late to help my madness, though. . .

  2. We do one or two gifts from "mom and dad," one from Santa and little things in stockings. With gifts coming from so many family members and friends we already feel like we are going overboard with just giving her a couple of gifts from us.

  3. Congrats for being on track! It's easy to get excited about Christmas gatherings, even if you have to clean the house, right?

    I really like the three gifts idea!

  4. That's a lot of people to have over. I dread clean up. Happy Holidays! -Victoria from MBC Follow Me Club