Thursday, December 17, 2009

He thinks I'm having a breakdown?

My husband told me the other night that I seem to be "more stressed than usual."  He said he was a little concerned.  The only response I could come up with was "Do I?  I don't think I'm any different than any other time."  (IE:  I'm always a screaming lunatic!)  He assured me I seem to be going over the edge.  I think we can all agree, one thing you do NOT tell an apparently stressed out person is that they seem stressed out.  Thankfully, this one time I took the opposite approach from what a normally stressed out person would do, which would be to rip off the head of the offender, and I recognized that maybe I am screaming more than usual, flying off the handle more than I should and about things that I shouldn't.  I took a deep breath and laid down for the evening.  I have cut back on my caffeine, so maybe I am feeling the effects of that.  If it doesn't correct itself soon, I always have Xanax.

Wednesday I decided we would be having leftovers for dinner.  I had family over for dinner on Sunday and had some lasagna left over that we needed to eat otherwise it was going to be in the trash for trash day.  Last night, I made tacos for dinner, but opted out of eating to go finish up some shopping.  MG made a little batch of tacos for his lunch today and then remembered they were having a department lunch and he would not need them.  They now qualify for "leftovers" in my book.

When MG got home from work today, he asked about dinner.  My response "Leftovers."  He said, "Good, I was just asking in case you wanted me to fix something.  But I'm not hungry."  Remember those words "I'M NOT HUNGRY."

As I was heating up some lasagna, Sous Chef and I polished off the three tacos as a little appetizer.  They were good.  Then we each had a small piece of lasagna.

As Sous Chef and I are eating our dinner, MG starts rooting through the fridge.  "Where are those tacos?"  Sous Chef and I confessed to eating them.  You should have seen MG.  He went on and on about how he packed those up "just how I like them" with all his favorite fixins.  That he set them aside for him.  (Sous Chef and I agreed he did a good job with them and they were very yummy.)  He then went on with how we should have asked if we could eat them and on and on.  I had to remind him that when, 45 minutes earlier during a conversation about dinner, he said "I'M NOT HUNGRY" and that the implication to that meant he would not be wanting to eat dinner.  Oh my.  This (fairly friendly) conversation went on the entire time I was eating my dinner.  He then retreated to the bedroom.  When he came back downstairs, he stopped and said, "Aren't you even going to say something like 'I'm sorry, I didn't know you were planning to eat those tacos?'"  So I said it, in my ever so sarcastic tone.  And then I started cracking up.  Are we really (fairly friendily) bickering about fucking tacos?  Of course, he started laughing, too.  I reminded him again about his words "I'M NOT HUNGRY" and let him know from now on he might want to put a name tag on "his" food because in the past, whatever is in the fridge is fair game.

And he thinks I'M stressed.


  1. Maybe he needed a margarita instead of the tacos.

  2. Haha. I would never guess that I was not the only one dealing with the "I'm not hungry" "weirdos". Don't tell me that and then come looking for food.

    What's there to be stressed about? ;)

  3. Hilarious. Any time that something was eaten that my Hubs wanted there are 100 times previously he ate the last something.
    I told my Hubs every day this week that it is a very stressful week and that I cannot wait for the week to be over. Then he asks if I want to go out shopping with him Thurs night--I would love to so much but have two middle schoolers who have finals, one has strep throat and missed 2 days of school this week, two crafts to buy for and prep for 3rd grade class on Friday and because the room mom flaked out, stress at work this week, and more. Calgon!
    P.S. You cracked me up about how he did a good job on them and they were yummy!

  4. change the names and this very story could have been playing out at my house. especially the part where it kind of devolves into "i am going to assume that you aren't planning to apologize" type of banter... with the 'anger' quickly dissolving into laughter.

    listen, if i were you, i would head things off at the pass and start the xanax NOW!

  5. a beer or two helps dissolve your stress and the person who is accusing you of being stressed.

  6. Maybe you should have offered him some Midol? Wait, that probably would have made it worse!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS You crack me up girl...Love it

  8. I swear I have this same occurance with my husband at least twice a month. Men.

  9. You two and your food stealing fights remind me of living in the Sorority House.

    Though that scenario would involve you intentionally barfing up his tacos later on that evening.

    I'm with Deb, cue the Xanax.

  10. And he thinks I'M stressed.

    Could so appreciate this. You wrote it so calmly though. Good work oh stressed one.

  11. This post sounds so much like my life right now.. Funny.

    Merry Christmas to you.