Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sous Chef!

Today, my middle son turns ten.  I officially have two kids in double digits. 

Sous Chef entered this world in a 30 minute rush of chaos.  Thankfully, I was already staying the night at the hospital to be induced the next morning.  Because of him, my doctors had "talked us through" and prepared us for a home birth with baby #3 (CJ).  Thankfully, none of that ended up being necessary.  Sous Chef weighed in at 9 lbs. 9 ozs. at birth, which is neither the lightest nor the heaviest of my kids.  He is in the middle for birth weight and in the middle of two brothers.  He was and continues to be an awesome sleeper.  We know how much I love to sleep, so I was thrilled when he started sleeping through the night at six weeks old!

Sous Chef challenges us every day with a level of intellect that I sometimes cannot keep up with.  During an evaluation when he was three years old, a school psychologist, an occupational therapist and a speech therapist stared at me in amamzement with wide open mouths.  All I could do was shrug my shoulders and smile.  I explained his daddy has a genius IQ and that was all they needed to hear.  They wished me luck in keeping him challenged throughout his educational years.  They were right.  Most days those challenges are awesome, other days they exhaust me because my brain can't wrap itself around what he is talking about.  Many, many years ago I talked with a medical intuitive about my health issues at that time and we also talked about my family members.  I gave her Sous Chef's name and birthdate.  She gasped a little and said, "He is going to do something amazing some day.  Remember I said that."  I have never forgotten she said that.  Thank goodness for an incredible gifted education program in our school district.  Recently, one of the gifted ed. instructors told us Sous Chef is in about the top 1% of kids she has taught.

He is not an overly affectionate child - he likes to receive my hugs and kisses, but he does not always return them.  He will sometimes, though, walk by and say "surprise hug!" and stop and hug me.  When I tell him "I love you" he always says "Ditto."  I love it.  He is sweet and kind, compassionate and caring, and sometimes sensitive to the point of tears.  The first time we watched Racing Stripes he cried and cried because the baby zebra was left behind.  From then on, every time we watch the movie, he fast forwards through the beginning scene where the zebra is left off the truck in the rain.

One of my all time favorite comments he has ever said was when he was about four years old and he was on the toilet doing his business.  He was stinking the bathroom up and he yelled for me to come and turn on the "pooper heater" to clear out the bathroom.  That still cracks me up to this day!

Happy Birthday, Sous Chef!


  1. what a handsome big boy! i think you owe him a huge thank you for getting his 9 lb butt out into the world in such an expeditious manner!

    happy birthday, sous chef!

    oh, and ace, you are looking very well behaved, sleeping in a lap instead of a tree.