Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Go see it.

While the kids are away, the parents will play.  I bet you think this is going to be a blog entry about all the naughty things that go on when parents find time alone, without kids but with a cat furiously meowing at the bedroom door.  Sorry to disappoint you, it's not.

MG and I went out to dinner (yummy, Indian food!) and then went to see Up In The Air.  Obviously, we have heard all the good reviews this movie is already getting and I expect to see it again when I go with my friends to the movie marathon of the Top Academy Award Movies (this year, there will be ten movies instead of five and it will be a two day movie festival!  We can't wait!).  But there is an even more important reason we went to see this movie.  We have a friend who is in the movie.  From the beginning of when she auditioned, I have been anxiously awaiting it's release.  So we went to see it and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a little sadder than we expected, but there are definitely some funny and touching moments.

It was all I could do not to stand up and scream "That woman is a friend of mine!"  At the risk of embarrassing my husband, I managed to refrain.  I did however get all excited with "Here it is! This is it!  This is her scene!  There she is!  That's her!  That's Cari!" and I was rubbing my hands together to keep from clapping, though I think a standing ovation was due.  We then waited to see her name in the credits.  So cool.  It was a fun evening.

You can read more about Cari's role and a couple of others HERE.


  1. Thanks for the review. I'd be excited too if a friend were in it-you'll have to buy the dvd, right? I will go see it.
    I have to say I was on a plane about 10 days ago and I am still traumatized. Not that this has anything to do with the movie, or your post. Maybe I am just looking for places to share......
    I appreciate a smooth flight to keep my anxiety down. But we were in a storm and the plane got hit by lightning right by my window--boom and a flash of light and the plane shook and lights flashed. I really thought we were going down. Not what I needed.
    But glad to have that behind me. I always wonder if being on planes every week would alleviate the anxiety.

  2. I so want to go see this one!! Thanks for the review.

    I'll silently cheer for Cari too.

    (Michele - you're freaking me out. I have to get on a plane. In July. Seriously, my palms are sweating just typing this.)

  3. i can't get the link to load! it could be my computer, as i was having a hard time getting an article about jail time for ballon boy's parents to load earlier.

    i forgot about your movie festival. what a hoot.