Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas at Chez Jo

I am still getting into the swing of how to decorate this house.  I think I have discovered it takes at least three years of decorating to get it right.  But then that means I should have it "right" since this is our third Christmas in this house.  I am not going to count the first year, though, since we had lived here less than six months and though we were all unpacked and "settled", I was still trying to figure out what to do with my shit.

Anyway, I love seeing photos of how others decorate so I thought I would share with you what Chez Jo looks like this year.

I had to be careful with this picture because the floor was covered with dirty socks, blankets, unfinished games and other kid crap.  I really didn't need that in my picture!

This tree is in the entryway.  I'm not overly happy with the ribbon and will be changing it to match the ribbon on our big tree.  Have you heard me say before that Ace pretty much goes wherever I go?  Look on the stairs in between the banister rails to the right of the top of the tree.  There he is.  And I had to take him off of the table when I took a picture of the centerpiece.  He's not even allowed on our tables or counters, but what can I say.  He's like the other people in this house who don't always follow understand the rules!

Notice the little creature who has now followed me into the family room.  He is at the right of the bottom of the tree, going from the tile to the carpet.  He blends in pretty well, but if you look closely you will see the back half of his body!

Ace loves the tree and the ornaments and lighting wire.  I think that could be a little dangerous.  Sometime soon maybe you'll see a picture of a big, fuzzy, smokin' Ace.

Here is his new favorite place to sleep.  Way back in the corner where no one can get to him.

On an unrelated note, CJ lost TWO teeth in one night.  I made barbecued ribs and he chews those suckers to the bone and then some.  Out came one tooth and before the dinner was through, the second loose tooth came out!  Notice all the bbq sauce all over his face.


  1. i hope the tooth fairy was prepared for a double layout!

    okay, so i LOVE the color of your dining room walls. it is what i was going for in my bedroom, but my brown ended up looking kind of like a cocoa-ish brown, which just seems dull.

    you and i have very similar decorating taste, except yours looks more pulled together. i do a bow with ribbon down my tree, too. i have the same stocking holders, except we have NOEL, since we only have 4 peeps in our family.

    ace is so adorable (and mischievious). he and sassafras will make a good couple. i am having a committee meeting over here tomorrow morning, and i was JUST dusting off the little paw prints on my dining table.

  2. Oh my gosh that child is adorable!
    Love the cat too.
    And the uncluttered house.

  3. I think your decorating is awesome. I love the trees! The cat & the kid aren't too bad either!:)

  4. You have a gorgeous home! Love the decorating!!

  5. You did an amazing job decorating! Beautiful home!

  6. Love your house! And the decorations! And the cat. Was that a tiny fish ornament I saw at the bottom of the tree in the first picture of Ace?

    Oh right. Your kid is adorable, too.

  7. Love that BBQ sauce smile proudly displaying his new toothless look.

    Ace sure looks cozy under that tree. Great Decorating, looks better than my place that's for sure :) We have Peace stocking holders too.