Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There's a bully amongst us.

I have the cutest cat ever.  (Well, I do need to mention that Sassafras Williams might be in the running.)  His name is Ace.  If you visited our house, you might think he is the most spoiled cat ever.  I don't think making sure he has his own glass of ice water is really spoiling him.  It's just preserving MY glass of ice water so he doesn't drink from it.  He knows which glass is his because it's always in the same spot.  I know when he wants fresh water WITH ice, because he will hang out by the water dispenser on the refrigerator and look at me like "Come ON lady, I'm dying of thirst here!"  Then I get it for him.  Is that spoiling?  I think not.

I digress.  My point is, he is the cutest cat ever.  And I can't imagine anyone or anything wanting to hurt or antagonize him.  But it's true.  There is a great big bully that is lurking in the trees just waiting to pounce.  That bully looks like this:

Oh, alright, that might be an exaggeration.  But I think Ace thinks the bully looks like the above.  The bully really looks like this:

A bigger, older, darker and more aggressive version of Ace.  He lives in the neigbhorhood behind us and now that he knows Ace is here, he visits frequently to pick on him.  Ace is pretty small.  And he's a scaredy cat.  He will come bursting into the house (We frequently leave the door open for him to go in and out.  NO that is not spoiling him, either!) with his tail all puffy and his back hairs standing up and a look of total wildness in his eyes.  He runs for cover.  The other day, the screen door was closed and I heard that deep, throaty growl.  I went to the door and he was cowering on the deck and Bully* was hunkered down at the bottom of the deck.  I shooed him away.  Then one morning I was calling for Ace and I see Bully slink away from the evergreen trees that Ace likes to lay under. 

This weekend, though, things were out of control.  I didn't see it, but Big E had a front row view of Bully attacking Ace and both of them tumbling around the back yard and making those screeching cat noises.  Big E finally got them to stop fighting and they took off in opposite directions.  He finally found Ace with a little a limp and a bleeding puncture wound in his leg.  Other than that he was fine.  However, that Bully better watch out, because I can be one protective mama!

*Name changed to protect the not-so-innocent.  But since you're here, I can tell you, Bully's real name is Sunny.  Yes, it's true.


  1. i am here for back-up, if you need me! i can raid the boys' paintball gun/airsoft gun closet, and teach ol' bully a lesson.

    poor little ace. you know he was my inspiration for sassafras. i hope the boys weren't freaked out by the incident.

  2. That is so sad! I don't even like cats and I feel bad for him! Hope that bully learns his lesson!!

  3. ohhhh nooooo well the bully sure doesnt have a very 'sunny' disposition does he now?

    This post did nothing to help with the fact i want a cat and i even watched 20/20 (i think it was 20/20 ) where they showed crazy cat ladies not my term but one of them did have over a hundred cats LOL

  4. Oh man, buly cats are the worst!

  5. I love that Ace gets his glass of ice water, too! On the good side of the news, my vet told me that cats rarely kill other cats. I have to worry about this with our two cats. Older cat still detests younger cat after a whole year in residence together.

    Naming a bully cat Sunny is like naming a 300 pound man Tiny.

  6. Spoiling your cat is mandatory. My cat Billie gets fresh water with ice cubes several times a day. Have you tried Greenies snack treats? Billie cries when I open the pantry door because she knows they're in there.

    Spray that bully cat with water!

  7. Sunny needs a time out. In another neighborhood.

  8. Poor Ace.....Dang Bully!

    Georgie I totally watched that 20/20 too about the crazy cat ladies LOL

    Sunny is a big ol' meany and should be called Thunder or something more angry sounding because Sunny has issues!

  9. I give my cat ice water too. Spoiled yes. Hope Ace stays away from Bully.

  10. My cat has a water fountain. I put ice cubes in it for her.

    If there was a bully beating on my kitty, you would take drastic measures. Not only can this bully hurt Ace but could possible give him some sort of disease! Talk to the owners!


  11. You need to call Sunny's mother and tell her what a bully he is! ;)