Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's Election Day!

All across the country, elections are being held.  Some are really big ones that have the potential to affect the national picture, like the Governors of New Jersey and Virginia; others are smaller, state and/or local elections.

Ohio falls into the latter.  In Ohio, we are voting on compensation for recent war veterans and constitutional changes regarding casinos and livestock care standards.  We are voting on libraries, school boards, city councils, township trustees and more.

My point today is, all elections are important.  Please, get out and vote.  I am always disappointed when I hear people say they didn't vote.  There are many reasons, usually lame.  Reasons like "My vote doesn't count," "One vote won't make a difference," "I was too busy (with sports, work, kids, school, friends, etc.),"  "I didn't know who to vote for," "I haven't registered to vote since we moved here."

Every vote counts.  Every vote matters.  We are all busy.  Educate yourself about what is happening in your state and community, get your ass to your local polling station and vote!


  1. amen girlfriend! off to stand in that long line now!!

  2. Here here. I voted. We have very important mayor and city council races.

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  4. Voted here baby. Just amendments, nothing of great consequence in our Texas district.

    Can't believe I just typed that.

    And I was pleasantly surprised at the line out front. Very surprised.

  5. Nothing to vote on in my state or town. There are elections in various and I hope people will exercise this right. Otherwise, don't complain to me!