Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I always miss the good stuff.

Did all of you see the wardrobe malfunction back during the Super Bowl that year that Janet and Justin were so into their dance that Janet's close couldn't stay on her body? I didn't, I was in the other room. Probably getting food. Did anyone watch the American Music Awards? I didn't. I rarely watch these award shows, especially the music ones. I find myself in a mix of "glad I didn't, wish I did". I did manage to see about ten seconds of Lady Gaga. Oddly enough, I had no idea who she was until Perez Hilton said her name afterwards. All I kept thinking was "Who is THAT?" I heard the next day she smashed her glass cage and I totally missed that. I must have walked out of the room for a second. Probably for food. Once I found out it was her, I had already had enough and changed the channel. I think M*A*S*H was on TVLand. It was a much better option.

I did see Lady Gaga on Jay Leno last night. I really did not find her performance interesting. I just thought it was over the top and weird. And I know weird. I have spent many years in weird settings with weird people and weird music. However, Jay talked with her afterwards and I did really like her then. She seemed pretty damn normal, but in a fun, sassy, off the wall kind of way. Maybe I should give her music another try and just not watch her perform.

Then Monday rolls around and I hear all the hubub of Adam Lambert. I do not watch American Idol (or any of those "talent/music" reality shows). And now I can't even get online to watch that provocative video because of a copyright claim by "Dick Clark Productions, Inc." Damn. I understand, however, that the West Coast airing was able to be "edited" to take out the "oral sex" portrayal. Poor West Coasters. I know what it's like to miss the good stuf!


  1. hahaha. This is funny...I've been feeling so lame for not knowing what the Adam Lambert talk is all about! And I missed the Janet/Justin thing by a second; really I had just turned my head. duh.


  2. I'm lost. I don't keep up with anything

  3. I missed out on this too. Heard about it the next day and was clueless. sigh I missed the Janet Jackson thing too. LOL!

  4. I saw the whole thing, and it was a disgusting, pathetic display. I'm bummed-I liked him, but now I can't stand him!

  5. I'm here catching up on my blog reading. Happy Sunday!