Friday, October 9, 2009

Inspiration? NOT.

Since I am currently lacking any inspiration or creativity (I was out 'til 1:00 AM last night and my brain is fried), I am going to do a list. The first list is not my idea - remember, I am lacking creativity. Pearl at Pearl, Why You Little... frequently posts what is on her IPod while she rides the bus to work. I always like seeing what she is listening to and she has such a wide variety of music she likes. I decided to steal that idea from her (thanks, Pearl!). I will also put an * next to the bands I have seen in concert. If you see that * you know the band is probably a rather old band, because I no longer attend two concerts a week like I used to. I will also put a link to the song so if you would like to go listen to it, you can. I will post the first ten songs that appear on my shuffle.

* Mazzy Star - Cry, Cry
* Willie Nelson w/Emmylou Harris - I've Loved You All Over the World (I have seen Emmylou Harris in concert. And I swear, I think my parents dragged me to a Willie Nelson show as a kid, but I will need to verify that.)
* Neil Young - Ohio (I worked with a woman whose sister was at the sit in at Kent State where the students were shot. Ellen remembers being glued to the TV with her family, hoping to get a call from her sister that she was ok. They did get that call.)
* New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
* REM - We Walk
The Doors - Light My Fire
Dashboard Confessional - Heaven Here
* Howling Bells - It Ain't You (this is actually a current band that I saw this past summer)
* The Cure - The Perfect Girl
The Kooks - I Want You