Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm in recovery mode.

Last night I attended a concert with my friend and former roommate, Stephen (hi Stephen!). There were three bands, the first one coming out of nowhere and, I am pretty confident in saying, going nowhere. The name of the band was Violent SOHO.  I think that says it all, really.  I have never liked heavy metal. I still don't. It was painful to hear, though somewhat entertaining to watch. The song that stuck in our heads the most had the lyrics "Fuck you! Fuck you! I hate your face." As Stephen said, "that's the most awesome break up song I've ever heard." Like me, he's good at sarcasm. Honestly, when they were finished, my chest hurt. Thank goodness for beer. Today, I'm in recovery mode from that music, not the beer.

As I came bounding down the steps last night into the family room where MG was playing Monopoly with Sous Chef and CJ, I asked "Do I look rock and roll enough?"  (Nothing over the top, people.  Just skinny jeans, boots that are a combo of horse riding boots and motorcylce riding boots - flat, no high heel of any kind, a shirt and a necklace.)  MG said I looked hot.  CJ, in his always supportive way, said, "I like those boots.  I like the belt buckles on those boots.  Your hair looks pretty."  As I was rushing out the door, CJ then shouted, "Don't forget, I like those boots!"  I love that kid.  And my husband, too, for telling me I looked hot when really I felt like a 42 yr. old who maybe was trying to look 20.

My favorite outfit of the night was a vintage dress, tube socks and Doc Martin-ish shoes.  Beauty!  I'm pretty sure Stephen would refuse to be seen with me if I tried to go to a concert with him dressed like that.  Actually, it was just the tube socks that ruined the outfit.  The rest was fine.

The official opening band was the Black Angels.  If you are interested in music/band information, you can find that HERE.  They have a woman drummer, which I think is way cool.  My fantasy career is to be in a super cool band.  And here's a video.

The headliner was the Raveonettes.  For more information, go HERE.  Again, a band that has a woman, this time as lead vocals.  Love it.  Their drummer only had two drums and that cymbal drum thingie that makes the "tinging" sound when you hit it with the drumstick.  Yes, I know there is an official name for that piece of equipment, but I don't know it.  I picked two of my favorite songs from them to share on video.  Enjoy!

So there is your music lesson for the day.  I hope you enjoy!


  1. It's official. I'm too much of a dork to hang around here. So not worthy of your rockin' coolness. How I adore your supportive boys!!!

    Glad you had a great time. How 'bout a shot of those boots?

  2. Why did your chest hurt? That does sound a great break up song though. Well, that line anyway. "I hate your face" alone works, really.

    I just overanalyzed 2 lines of your post. I'm just not cool enough to tackle the rest; I am glad you had a great time.

  3. :::wondering where my damn "Best of Bread" cassette went::::

  4. That Black/White video is sweet - had never seen that before.

    I'd still be seen with you if you decided to sport tube socks! Just don't wear your denim skirt over your denim jeans. I may not be able to handle that one.

  5. you really are so cool. your boys ought to be thanking their lucky stars!