Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Fragments

I'm a little late getting my fragments in today! Visit Mrs. 4444 for more timely fragments.

  • I got my stitches out today. Damn, that was worse than getting them in. I thought about asking for some anesthesia, but I knew they would think I was a wuss. The nurse asked if I was still taking vicodin and I wanted to say, "Uh, no, she only gave me eight pills. Can you get me some more?" I only took two of them - the rest are for any parties, oops, I mean, emergencies, that might pop up.
  • Is it wrong to be happy that my kids sporting events are canceled and we don't have to leave the house this evening! I think I will be putting on my PJ's before dinner.
  • I do believe I sleep as much, or maybe more than, our cat. It's nice having him around, I don't feel so lazy when there is someone else besides me sleeping in the middle of the day.
  • I'm tired of all my recipes. I really need some new menu items in my repertoire of dinner foods. Any suggestions - nothing too difficult or time consuming, though I do like to cook and am not easily intimidated by most recipes.
  • Thankfully, we have not received any more phone calls regarding CJ mooning people en route to school. I asked him why he did it the first time and he said it was because "the kids thought it was funny." Great, I have a naked comedian on my hands.
  • Is it me, or is everyone having trouble in Blogger Draft? Much of the time, when I go to write or edit a post, none of my menu choices show up for fonts, picture insertions, links, etc. I am also having issues with Facebook. It makes me login and/or enter my password EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I never used to have to do that!
  • I'm glad it's Friday.


  1. glad you got your stitches out-sorry it hurt!
    I♥kitties and so we had one!
    I also sooo wish our sporting events were canceled tonight-it is friggin cold out I wanna go get back in my PJ's

    TGIF-it's been a long week!!!!

    wanted to let you know there is a SSS updated post up now-please stop by when you can

  2. TGIF for sure!
    I have added a beef mandarin dish that my kids all like. Served over rice. Slices of beef and some veggies stir fried. Canned mandarin oranges added at end. Done beef stroganoff recently too. Shrimp quesadillas is a quickie we do. I just found a site that shows a lady doing several lasagnas and stuff all on one day and then freezes. I'm gonna do that this weekend to help with all the hectic nights we have.
    Sidenote: saw your post from June about St. Louis. I was there with family (arch and City Museum) probably 2 days after you guys. We had been at Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse in S.Dakota -- that was great too. But we looovvveeeddd St. Louis too. We went to City Museum at night. I got an upset stomach just looking at your photos.....
    Sorry for the long post but I had to share.

  3. Are you having a cookie problem? I'd clear your cache and cookies and see if that solves your blogger/Facebook problems =)

    I'm glad it's Friday too! Because in an hour and 10 minutes it will be Saturday here =D

  4. Blogger hates me.

    Is it awful of me to chuckle about him mooning people on the way to school? I am such a 12 year old...

  5. I am now on Wordpress and clueless. And our games for tomorrow have already been cancelled for tomorrow and I'm so excited that I MAY be able to sneak PJ's all day long!

  6. mmmmm vicodin.. My fav candy.. to o bad she gave you no more than 8

    Good to see you! Sorry I have been around

  7. Love your sense of humour...especially the vicodon comment..
    Glad to know I'm not the only person who loves to sleep.
    Happy Friday night

  8. Did you get more vicodin for your parties? ;)

    Blogger is fickle. Are you using their new editing version or the old one?

    Definitely glad it's Friday...

    Happy FF! :)

  9. Have you tried or I can always find awesome new stuff one of those places!

  10. Funny post - love the mooning kid.. that's great.. I used to streak in my house until the neighbor next door was sitting in the living room on my nightly out of the bath tub streak... didn't do that again until I was much older... Don't ever streak on wet grass - it's too slippery and grass stains on your tush is not attractive... oh I miss those days... Being a mom - we must be sane or so I am told.... lol
    Hope you have an incredible weekend.
    Love to you.

  11. I am sick of cooking the same darn stuff too. And the family is just as sick of eating it. And I am just as tired of cooking in general so looking for new recipes causes me grief.

    I loved it when a sporting event was cancelled! It seems like most coaches want to play in ANY kind of weather though, so canceling was rare.

    I sound like a real fun person. sigh.

  12. Oh, man, that vicodin comment was funny!!

    Did you visit Mrs4444 cooks? There are some winners there! I just picked up a pizza casserole recipe; I'll let you know if it's good :)

    Yea for a quiet night at home!

    Off to read about the stitches!!